Terror Raiment
Level: 113
Power Level: 123, Mastercraft
Location: Quest for the Terror Set
Price: 7,161 Z-tokens
Sellback: 6,444 Z-tokens for the first 48 hours, 3,580 Z-tokens any later.
Lean: Standard
Element: Neutral
Combat Defence
Melee: 50
Ranged: 40
Magic: 50
Element Modifier
Fire: 83%
Water: 83%
Wind: 57%
Ice: 83%
Earth: 83%
Energy: 88%
Light: 93%
Darkness: 55%
Striking pure fear into the hearts of your enemies is what this armor was forged to do!
Attack 1
Damage: 344% Base, Random, and Stat Damage
Attack Type: «As Weapon»
BTH: +17 plus Stats
Hits: 1
Rate: 50%
Element: «As Weapon»
Attack 2
Damage: 344% Base, Random, and Stat damage each
Attack Type: «As Weapon»
BTH: +17 plus Stats each
Hits: 2
Rate: 50%
Element: «As Weapon»
Attack 3
Attack 4

Full Set Bonus

  • If your armor, shield, weapon and misc (Terror Visage) are all Terror Set items (any tier, but pet is not required), then the Fear skill makes the monster Afraid for an additional turn (for a total of 5 turns), and with an additional +20% chance of not acting (for a total of 45%)
  • When you equip the full Terror Set when the monster is already Afraid (doesn't matter what source), then an additional+20% chance of them not acting is stacked with the preceding Afraid factor.
  • If an item is switched out so that the full Terror Set (armor, shield, weapon, misc) is no longer completely equipped, then the bonuses disappear.

Attack 1

Terror Raiment Attack.gif

Attack 2

Terror Raiment Attack 2.gif


  • Hits: 1
  • Damage: 877.30% Base, Random, and Stat damage
  • Type: «As Weapon»
  • Element: Darkness
  • BtH: +17 plus Stats
  • Effect:
    • If the hit connects, then it attempts to make the monster Afraid (4 turns; 25% chance of not acting), subject to a save.
  • Level:123 vs MonsterLvl
  • Major:YourCHA vs MonsterCHA
  • Minor:YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

The monster gets a +20 bonus to save. Darkness-Element monster are immune to this effect.

  • Note:This attack is considered a skill.
  • Cost: 306 SP

Possible outcomes:

  • "Your foe cowers before you!"
  • "Your foe stands strong in the face of your assault!"
  • "Creatures of Darkness are immune to your Fear!"
  • "Your foe trembles before the true meaning of Fear!"
Terror Raiment Fear.gif


Because sometimes, enemies like Trigoras aren't so scared.

Terror Raiment Death.gif
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