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Race: Deity (formerly Human)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Himself; Uncreation
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Unknown
There is an entity whose roots and activities reach deep into Lore. He goes by many names: The'Galin, The Uncreator, The Devourer... once a Lorian, he ascended to godhood serving a single purpose. To destroy.
AQ's 10th Anniversary (Act 5) Introduction

The'Galin is the Lorian God of Uncreation, Lorithia's husband, and the driving force behind the Devourer Saga. He travels the universe searching for division and chaos and, should he find a world which has an excess of these traits, he uncreates the inhabitants to allow the world to begin again, cleansing the world, as he views it. Due to this, he has come to be known as The Devourer, The Uncreator, The Destroyer of Worlds, among other names.

Aiding him in his search is an organization known as The Network, composed of beings who have opted to follow The'Galin for one reason or another. Coincidentally, many of these beings are chaotic in nature, letting The'Galin fight chaos with chaos, testing worlds he visits. It is important to note that the actions of the Network do not always represent the wishes of The'Galin, as the degree to which members of the Network understand or agree with The'Galin's ideology can vary greatly.

Appearance and Personality

Creation's greatest enemy is I, for Creation's greatest enemy is itself. I come to test and to destroy and hope only to fail utterly as I failed in life. For in failing, I shall succeed. Those who know this and understand may come to understand me. Be ready; I am coming for you, and I shall not be merciful.
—The'Galin, Journal of The'Galin

Though The'Galin is able to take many forms, he has two distinctive colours are red and dark red. (....)

As a human, he was someone who would never forget his debts or betray his honor, proud of his father's lineage.[1] The'Galin was also an altruistic man who dedicated his life to philanthropy and the well-being of the children at his orphanage, despite the unpopularity it caused among Tjeli's bioethicists.[2]

As a deity, although fully committed to the task that his wife gave him, The'Galin is not without mercy. He has spared some of the worst creation has to offer so that they would become his servitors and agents of his project, the Network, giving them a chance at absolution.[2] He generally hates uncreation, and though there have been exceptions, it is against his character.[2]


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Some 4,500 years ago,[source?] The'Galin was born to Galian in Tjeli, on the continent of Inilar. He was the first of three children, born before his brother and his sister, who both would have families of their own later in life[1]—unlike The'Galin, who would remain childless so as to be able to adopt orphans and protect them from Tjeli's authorities.[3] The'Galin inherited the Gal estate, in Crossforge, from his father, and turned it into an orphanage, wherein many children came to be under his care, including Anleya,[4] Luca and Heldi,[5] for he had come to be interested in "the welfare of the poor, the beaten, and the downtrodden." Lorithia, under the guise of Lauren, met him, and they began to do public work together. However, this proved unpopular among Tjeli's bioethicists and earned him many enemies.[2]

The'Galin as a human.

One such was Feldrin, who sought the estate of Jacobi's recently deceased parents. The'Galin hoped to thwart the man's plans through Lauren and put his life in danger to rescue the boy; his life being spared by the intervention of Falerin Ardendor's Truthseekers.[3][6] Their conflict came to an end when Sieleidari, leader of the Reclaimer's Guild and member of the Council of Inilar, outlawed the care of children not related to one by blood. The law prompted Feldrin (who cared for his nephew) to beg The'Galin to combine resources and escape the city along with Lauren, the orphans, and Feldrin's family.[5]

Not too long after, however, Anleya was brutally murdered at the age of seven.[4] After her death, he fell in love with Lauren, who he had considered a friend and a motherly figure before then,[5] and ultimately became her husband.[2] He also made a loyal friend in Feldrin, who lost his son as he tried to save two of the orphans, Luca and Heldi. Nevertheless, two months later, The'Galin sought revenge on the people who gad murdered Anleya, becoming what he had hated the most, but in retaliation, Sieleidari unleashed the Plague of Reclamation that led directly to the death of twelve of his children and Lauren.

Concerned for his remaining children, The'Galin set out with them for the continent of Deren, where he was became aware of "uncreation" at the outskirts of the city of Tegril. He founded a new orphanage at Cigeli Peak, Alorin (which would also serve as a boarding school and college), with the help of King Ansera. He also visited the Ranfjord region to study its form of agriculture, and requested that the Derenian School of Thought create a Transference Spell of enough power to move Alorin in case of danger—an event that took place after Draynor's assassination.[2] Against his wishes, the citizens fled in fear and the academy was moved to Vandar, where it soon became elitist like Inilar, isolating themselves from rest of the world. Soon, even his close friends in the community turned against him, and he was forced to watch his family disintegrate.[7] Ultimately, the by-then current king of Deren, Delkirk, was convinced to turn him over to the Council of Inilar as a peace offering to prevent a war. A political prisoner, The'Galin was extradited back to the land of his birth, where he was put on trial for Crimes against Progress, found guilty and sentenced to death.[2]

Rebirth and godhood

Are you saying you hope to fail, Lord?"
"It is my heart's deepest wish Xilar. It is only by failure that I shall know I have succeeded.
—Xilar and The'Galin, Confrontation

Following the execution, Lorithia rose up The'Galin as a god, to stand beside her, and with the Elemental Lords, as the powers of Lore.[2] His task would be to balance and cull from creation, to root out and correct corruption, entropy, and decay—even if it meant the Uncreation of whole civilizations.

Among his first actions as the Uncreator, he removed Tjeli from the continent of Inilar and casted it into the southernmost extremes of the ocean with the help of the Elemental Lords.[7] Unable to uncreate for it would cause a paradox, the city was encased in thousands of feet of ice.

Xilar, his first communicant.

Then, he turned his eyes to the Drakel, when he found Xilar, a Silari outcast who sought to become a servant of the gods but was rejected by many Temples, also affected by the same corruption that had infested Tjeli. The'Galin witnessed as the priests and clerics of the Lords attacked Xilar directly, and seeing his nature, he selected the Silari to become his first communicant. Realizing that the Elemental Lords had become blind to their followers' transgressions, The'Galin set about to prove it to them so that they might listen. He directed Xilar to go to Aloria in the Outer Planes, where he told the Silari to convince the Brilhado of this corruption, hoping that they would convince the Lady of Light.[2] However, The'Galin soon found out that Xilar had spread corruption to Aloria itself so as to convince its citizens and had brought about the Fall, convincing the Elemental Lords that The'Galin was dangerous—a position they maintained for millennia thereafter, until Lorithia fully revealed the truth.[2]

Furthermore, Xilar's actions led to the disruption and war of the ancient races of Lore; as a result, many were uncreated, and those who were spared by The'Galin joined him as his servitors and members of his great project—what would eventually come to be called "The Network". He saw in the organization two opportunities: First as a lesson for the darkness of corruption, a way to spread fear of his eventual return; and second, as a chance at absolution.[2] Since then, The'Galin returned to Lore on, at least, five occasions (The Hall of Memories).

In one of the earlier occasions of his return, Garavin stood against him, believing The'Galin to be the monster that his actions, and those of his Network, made him out to be. Seeing his struggle, The'Galin saw an opportunity and prophesied that Garavin would know the truth about him, would fight him, but also would serve him before he passed from Lore. Finally, he declared that through Garavin, and his progeny, he would fail in his task as Uncreator, for the downfall of the corruption of Lore would be realized.[2] The'Galin's apparent curse of eternal life on Garavin (in truth, he had become the Avatar of Eternal) and death of Garavin's wife at the hands of the Network enraged Garavin's daughter, Celestra, who began to chase after The'Galin and the Network for centuries thereafter.[2]

In the thousand years that followed, The'Galin and his army continued to travel from world to world. At the end of this period, three generals arose within the Network: Louis Zephyr, Diviara Celegra (through whom The'Galin knew the redemption and absolution for the Brilhado would be possible[2]) and Ryuusei Cartwright.

The'Galin met Zephyr when the doctor sought him following rumours that said The'Galin was the corruption, a disease that sought to tear apart all worlds and kill Delphi. Upon their encounter, Zephy however realised that these whispers were a lie told by the taint itself, and decided to join The'Galin, aware of his unending battle against corruption.[8]

His last coming


Where is Hope? Where is the Ninth Avatar? After all this, The'Galin is winning. He is destroying Lore!
—The Chosen, The Final Battle!

At the end of his Network's campaign on Lore, Ryuusei Cartwright became Omega, not only a communicant of but also a direct avatar and manifestation and used his status as "taken avatar" to begin an assault on the Temple of Hope. What he did not know is that the defenders of lore had prepared for this, and that even The'Galin and Lorithia had done so, though they chose to forget their preparations so it could not be stopped.

All of the Elemental Orbs were brought together, the building blocks of Creation. the magi discovered a Hymn of Creation to activate them and the Index which was the Temple of Hope itself. The final key to the puzzle was in fact a greater artifact know as a Spirit Orb, and King Tralin, as a communicant of Lorithia and Avatar of Life, had been entrusted with one, known as the Shield of Lorithia.

When Omega attacked the Chosen of Lore, the Hymn of Creation activated the Statue of Lorithia, and Lauren manifested as Hope--an "Avatar" of Creation. The'Galin at first denied her arrival and called it a trick, but when she spoke the blinders fell away from his eyes, too, and he left Omega, abandoning him. Ryuusei was subsequently dropped deep in the Void.

A new era

Ryuusei has since returned. The'Galin has taken him back, too, after signs of moderating his past behaviors.

In Battle

Though The'Galin is a god, he is fought in The Final Battle. He uses Cartwright's body as his vessel: Omega. He is immune to Powerword Die and to the old versions of Freezing and Paralysis. At the beginning of his turn, he boosts himself slightly until, eventually, the boost increases greatly; after this happens he no longer receives any periodic boost. Same as Cartwright in Rise of Omega, he possesses the ability to attack with the Cold to similar effect: possibly infecting the player's character while reducing their BTH and skippin his/her turn if it occurs often enough. Furthermore, Omega is able to skip the player's turn and attack again, able to do it repeatedly so that he attacks several times in a row. Lastly, he heals himself whenever he attacks.

Powers and abilities

As the God of Uncreation, he can uncreate and, according to Lkeas, is very precise about it (unlike the Network).


The'Galin has taken several communicants throughout history:


Though he is known to have manifested several times, only one avatar is known to have retained the ability to call upon the manifestation as Avatar of Omega: Ryuusei Cartwright. His ability, however, was passed onto his analogue once they recohered.



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