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The Devourer Saga is AdventureQuest's first major story arc. While the saga proper started in mid-2005 with the release of the Epic Quest, it ties into a great deal of earlier content such as the Carnax Saga and the Dragon War, as well as the out-of-game material listed below. It ended nearly three years later with The Final Battle. It was revisited during the 10th Anniversary, which contained a long summary by Falerin that included a mix of in-game and demicanonical events.

The storyline itself is concerned with the return of an entity known as the Devourer to Lore, apparently intending to finish the destruction he started a thousand years ago. As the saga unfolds, however, it becomes clear that things are not nearly so simple...

Part 1: Prologue

An attack on Sage Uldor sends the player on a twisting path that leads them to a being known as the Shadow Master.

Sage Uldor
The Red Fog
Hairy Situation
Dark Sickness
Big Trouble in Little Granemor
The Vision
Into Fangmaw
Rogue City
Sun and Sand
Queen of Hearts
The Shadow Master

Part 2: The Return

A mysterious woman who calls herself the Huntress kidnaps Yulgar as part of her search for a cache of weapons poisonous to the Devourer's minions.

The Beacon
The Huntress Arrives
A Day at the Inn
Huntress vs. Yulgar
Book of Salvation
Jail Time
Huntress, the Hunted!
Trouble From Beyond
Battle for the Salvation Weapons!

Part 3: Hope

Armed with the Weapons of Salvation, the player is summoned to the Temple of Hope off the coast of Deren and tasked with recovering the eight Prime Orbs so that they can be united in the Temple.

The Temple of Hope

The Ice Orb
The Fire Orb
The Darkness Orb
The Light Orb
The Water Orb
The Energy Orb
The Wind Orb
The Earth Orb

Stop Bugging Me!
Exodus Attacks
Mount Thrall

Search Patrol

The Nova Knight

The Space Girls

Part 4: The Orb of Creation

With eight of the orbs safe, the player is sent after the fragments of the shattered Creation Orb, which have been scattered across Deren and are now held by some of the Devourer's most powerful servants, the Brilhado.

K'eld Ner
Deren Beach
Cigeli Canyon
Edress Point
Dagin Fields
Deep Lake
Necromancer Fortress

Part 5: Chaos

The war against the Network spreads across Lore while the Unity forces in Deren attempt to uncover their plans.

The Network Strikes
Pirates vs. Ninjas
Dark Clouds
A new power of the Devourer?
Legacy of Xilar
The Evil of Omega
The Stranger in Greenguard
Azma Lake
The Protector
War of the Clans!
In the Aftermath of Chaos
Worlds in Peril (Incorrectly placed between Azma Lake and The Protector in-game)
No Good Deed... Part I
No Good Deed... Part II
Strange Whispers

Part 6: Unity

The Network continues its campaign in Battleonia, bringing the organization's internal divides to the fore.

The Beginning of the End
The Fall Forseen
Strange Friends
Attack on Granemor!
Beneath the Shifting Sands
Like Father, Like Son
The Fall of Augerthorne!
A Network Divided

Part 7: Sacrifice & Salvation

The Network's forces make their final push towards the Temple of Hope, culminating in a battle against the Devourer himself.

Beleqwaya's Mission
The Rise of Omega
The Manifestation
The Final Battle

Part 8: Epilogue

In the aftermath of The'Galin's departure, Lore's people seek to regain some of what was lost.

The Restoration

Demicanonical Material

A great deal of information relevant to the Devourer Saga was contained in sources outside of the game itself. The staff have since ceased revealing any new information in out-of-game sources and are making efforts to add existing material to the game, but as it is a large project the source material is being included here in the meantime. While out-of-game content is generally considered to be true within the game's universe, it is considered less important than content within the game itself and may be subject to alterations if and when it is included in the game.

There are two primary collections of demicanonical material: a series of novelettes/novellas written by Falerin known as the Histories, and numerous chat/RP sessions involving players, Falerin, Maxwell, and various NPCs.

The Histories provide a great deal of backstory for many of the NPCs introduced during the saga. They will be added to the game in the upcoming Derenian wing of the Hall of Memories. The stories are as follows:

War of the Words
All That Is Evil Is Not Dark
Manifestation: the Coming Dark
The Path to Greatness
Journal of The'Galin/Journal of the Uncreator

The IRC sessions were originally archived by Lkeas here; the archive was later (mostly) transferred to Caelwiki to spread the workload around.