The Dracomancer Cult is a group of dracomancers : warriors that can control dragons. They were in war with the The Dragonslayer Order, but they created an uneasy peace.



Cyrus, the Hight Khan of the dracomancers, a Vartai warrior, Leader of the Dracomancers Cult and the Dracomancers class trainer is the dracomancer's loyal leader, that is serving his people (and his people serve him ).


The sister of Cyrus, Sheila is suspected to be a dracomancer.


Son of Idukhan, Bradakhan is a renegade dracomancer that thought the dracomancers should never had made peace with the dragonslayers. He took control of some void dragons and conquered Battleon, and was ready to become the ruler of the world, but was killed by Cyrus .

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