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Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unity
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Isle D'Oriens

Garavin, better known as The Eternal, is an millennia-old Elf who, along with his daughter Celestra, has survived one of The'Galin's past comings to Lore.

He was cursed with eternal life and began watching the clock counting down to The'Galin's return. He was the Avatar of Eternal.

Appearance and Personality

Garavin has long dark brown hair that reaches his ankles, pointy ears....


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In one of the earlier occasions of The'Galin's return, Garavin stood against him, believing him to be the monster that his actions, and those of his Network, made him out to be. Seeing his struggle, and knowing it deeply and intimately, The'Galin saw finally an opportunity. He declared several things. He prophesied that before Garavin would pass from Lore, he would know the Truth about The'Galin; that Garavin would fight him; and that Garavin would serve him. Finally, he declared that through Garavin, and his progeny, he would fail in his task as Uncreator, for the downfall of the corruption of Lore would be realized.

He finally passed on, after The'Galin left Lore once more. However, he seems to be connected to Hans Olo, the new Avatar of Eternal, and occasionally interacts with him.


The Devourer Saga

Other quests/events

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  • (2) Snugglefest 2009
  • (3) WarpForce Crossover Quest!


  • He shares the same title, "The Eternal", as the Annunaki bound to him.