The Final Battle!
The Devourer Saga
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The Devourer Saga
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The Final Battle is the seventy-third quest in the Devourer Saga and the ultimate part of the finale. It requires level 69.


«Scene: Falerin, The'Galin, Agent Smith and you are standing with Balius on the ground, near the Temple of Hope»

Falerin: I am sorry, «You», but I must take Nightbane--I mean, Balius-- away from here now. Be strong-- I will return.

  • WAR!

Falerin teleports himself and Balius away

The'Galin: As fun as this was, the time of your passing has come. I grow weary and my job must be finished... so now you die.

The'Galin straightens up and holds up his hand. It glows red and you die

Agent Smith: Whoa, baby. That's gotta STING...

You appear in a void with Death and Vampire Slayer E

Death: You really should be more careful. There was very little left of you after that for me to gather.
«You»: Huh?? What's going on?!
Death: Were it not for the former Avatar of Death, you would likely have stayed dead. He has, however, intervened to enable me to return you to life. Forget about little favors.
Death: This time you owe us big.
E: We have no time for this.
Death: Yes, yes, Edward.
«You»: Where is Hope? Where is the Ninth Avatar? After all this, The'Galin is winning. He is destroying Lore!
E: Hope is always near, «You». Go now-- This is not over.

A white flash, and you're back at the Temple of Hope

Agent Smith: !!!!!!
«You»: This-- IS NOT OVER.

Alignment Path!
Depending on your Chaos or Unity alignment, you will experience a different scene!

The'Galin: You are a persistent little wretch, aren't you? It is unfortunate all of creation cannot be more like you. It might have been of some value. It may have been worth saving.
The'Galin: You stand beside me as an enemy, but you have been a true servant.
«You»: Servant?? I would never serve you!
The'Galin: Never knowingly... and that is why you served me best. Stand back. Things must move forward now.
«You»: I cannot and will not turn aside now, The'Galin.

The'Galin straightens up again

The'Galin: Fine. I do not wish to uncreate you. At this point, however, I have no choice. We must proceed. You wish to be uncreated? So be it - this time I uncreate you.

The'Galin: You are an inconsistent one. You show signs of such value, yet you fall short. In a way, you reflect the human condition, don't you?
The'Galin: I only wish we had more time, as you might be worth working with.

The'Galin straightens up again

The'Galin: Unfortunately your time and mine are gone. We must proceed. You wish to be uncreated? So be it - this time I uncreate you.

The'Galin: You are an annoying, loathsome insect, just like all other treacherous beasts that will sell themselves to the highest bidder. A greedy little worm.
The'Galin: The very reason I uncreate. Uncreating you shall be a personal pleasure.

NOTE: When you lose the battle, the quest continues

Agent Smith: You utterly annihilated your opponent, master! You should try the professional fighting circuit someday-- I could make a KILLING in side bets.
Agent Smith: What the--? What's THAT?

Your spirit soars up

The'Galin: !!!!!!!!!

The'Galin shoots a beam of dark energy at your spirit, which turns it black. Another spirit with your head floats up. The other spirit's head briefly changes to a different one, before changing back

Spirit: Whether our vessel dies or not we shall make uncreation profitless for now, though in truth uncreation and creation are one.
Spirit: We are Hope. We are the Lorians. We are you.
«You»: .........Wait................
«You»: I.................was HOPE?!?
Spirit: We are all Lorians. We are the Avatar that dwells within Creation. We are, however, greater than the sum of Our pieces. We have seen you before. We have always watched.
Spirit: This is the natural order. The new cycle that has arisen from within creation. All is as Our mother, as Our father, and as WE intended.
«You»: ... Urgh... I feel myself slipping... I feel myself being destroyed...!
Spirit: And now we sacrifice ourselves for Lore. You and I and We.
«You»: What?!?
Spirit: I am sorry I must forsake you to awaken myself. The cycle continues.

The Spirit leaves, your spirit turns white again. You float toward your body again.

Agent Smith: That ghost is going back to its body, baby. This could be bad.

Scene zooms out

The'Galin: What is this? ...Hollow. Forsaken. Of no use. A worthless meal. What waits...
Agent Smith: Not good... I'll be back later, master. Places to go, people to see....

Agent Smith exits stage right, then The'Galin walks into the Temple of Hope. Falerin appears.

Falerin: It is time.
«You»: I am doomed.......I am Forsaken.
Falerin: Are you ready to just give in, then? We have worked for all this time to unite, and we are now ready to do so.
«You»: What can I possibly do?
Falerin: Keep his foot soldiers busy. Keep them away from the Temple while we finish this.

  • Fight!

The Final Battle

War camp

The Devourer The`Galin has returned to Lore after a thousand years feasting on the elemental forces of hundreds of other worlds. The Devourer's plans to divide the beings of Lore has been failing, and even many of his followers in his Network have been changing sides. And so Ryuusei Cartwright, one of the Devourer's loyal believers in his mission of destruction, will do whatever it takes to complete the plan as it was intended. After racing to stop Ryuusei's forces from reaching the Temple of Hope, both Galrick and Nightbane have perished in the fight, and Ryuusei has been taken over by the Devourer himself! The final battle is at hand...

  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

Twilly: Oh no's!! There are so scary monsters out here today!!
Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.

  • Heal me please
Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!
  • Let me handle this!

Clickies! Aquella the Water Elf fights for the Water Elves in this final battle with the Devourer!
Captain Rhubarb, pirate master of the seas, isn't about to miss this fight!
Artix Krieger is a Paladin. He fights for the side of good and unity!
The Huntress has been tracking the Devourer's movements for centuries.
Safiria the Vampire Queen will lend us her considerable powers!
Warlic the Archmage will help us with his vast knowledge and wizard's skills!
Robina Hood is lending us her ranger skills in the battle against the Devourer!
Zorbak may be ebil, but even HE isn't ready to watch all of Lore be destroyed! You must become a Guardian to test the Shiny Boy power armor!

Guardians can refill their potions from the potion sack if they have less than 5 potions on hand, and can also click the treasure chest to obtain the temporary Shiny Boy armor.

  • To Battle!

Who will you go into battle with?

  • Artix Krieger
  • The Huntress
  • Captain Rhubarb
  • Warlic
  • Robina
  • Aquella
  • Safiria
  • Zorbak
  • By yourself

Optional Full Heal

«Scene: Inside the Temple of Hope.»

Beleqwaya is standing in front of Tralin's empty throne. The orbs around the goddess glows as The`Galin enters.

The'Galin: It is time for the cleansing of this corrupt world. It is time for your end.
Beleqwaya: NOW!

Beleqwaya raises his glowing hand. The orbs around the goddess now glow slightly fainter. Warlic, Kalanyr and Tralin enter, with Tralin holding the Creation Orb. The Creation Orb also glows.

The'Galin: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

«Scene: Outside the Temple of Hope. The whole Temple begins to glow.»

Falerin: You see? It begins. If it is not all to be for nothing, you must fight now. Fight as you have never fought before!

Falerin disappears. You return to the war camp.

War camp and guest list are as above except that Warlic and the Huntress are missing

Optional Full Heal

«Scene: Inside the Temple of Hope. The Creation Orb continues to glow»

The'Galin: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The scene zooms in on Kalanyr, Warlic and Tralin.

Warlic: Kalanyr, we must begin chanting the ancient Hymn of Elemental Unity... Focus all of your will!
Kalanyr: Yes... the Avatars awaken.

Short cutscene shows the 8 Avatars: The Huntress/Celestra, The Eternal/Garavin, Danail Shadowgale with his mother, Emma Maxwell, Cenara, Mercuria, and Twig, followed by Tralin in the Temple. A portal behind the goddess statue opens. The 8 Elemental Orbs move away from their spots and crash into the walls of the Temple, creating holes that allow light to shine through. The Creation Orb shoots up from Tralin's hand.

Optional Full Heal

«Scene: Temple of Hope, after the orbs have crashed into the walls of the Temple.»

Beleqwaya runs toward The'Galin and lifts him off the ground. The temple shakes, and rubble falls to the ground. Outside the temple, you are standing as the Sprit from before floats down. A flash of white light, and she turns into a human and moves into the temple.

You return the the war camp, which is the same as above

Optional Full Heal after first, third, and fourth battles

«Scene: Temple of Hope. Hope enters»

Hope: Hope lives.
The'Galin: What trickery is this?!?
Hope: I would hope, The`Galin, son of Galian, that you would recognize your own wife...
The'Galin: Lauren...? It is true, then. The signs of Hope are realized.

Beleqwaya puts The`Galin on the ground.

Lauren: Since the beginning, part of me has dwelt in all creation... even in you. That realization was enough to bring about my return.
The'Galin: Astonishing... Maybe they CAN be saved.
Lauren: Hope lives, love...
The'Galin: I understand.

The scene zooms in on Warlic, Kalanyr, Tralin and Hope.

Warlic: Kalanyr, Tralin-- I suggest we leave now.... Beleqwaya-- follow us!!

Warlic and friends disappear while The'Galin exits Ryuusei's body, and leaves with Lauren in a blinding flash. Ryuusei raises his arm.

Ryuusei: WAIT, Lord!! Do not listen to her!! WAIT!!!!

At the Portal behind the goddess, a pair of red eyes open and Ryuusei and Beleqwaya are sucked into it. More rubble falls in the Temple.

«Scene: Outside a now shaking Temple of Hope»

Falerin: Now is the time--

The Temple begins to rumble more violently as flames start to appear. Shortly after, the Temple explodes and disappears into thin air.

Tralin: FRAK!!!

A portal appears in the sky

Falerin: The Portal yet remains...

Camera zooms into the Portal. Inside the portal: Beleqwaya and Ryuusei stand on a black disk, highlighted by the night sky with the glowing red eyes

Ryuusei: The'Galin, my lord-- Do not abandon me!
Beleqwaya: Abandon you? Did you not expect as much? You represent everything he hates most in all of creation. It is because of people like you that he comes at all!

The eyes fade off into the distance

Ryuusei: My Lord-- NO!!!
Beleqwaya: He has left you. And now I will rend apart your miserable existence and scatter it across the endless expanse of the Void!

Beleqwaya blasts Ryuusei, who falls to his knees. Beleqwaya steps forward and holds up his hand, which is radiating magic. Outside....

«You»: What is he going to do?? Is he actually going to kill Ryuusei?!
Warlic: Bele, do not--!!
Falerin: He is spreading himself too thinly!
Kalanyr: His essence cannot handle that much raw mana!
Tralin: It will unravel the very fabric of his being!

Back in The Void, Beleqwaya's hand glows even brighter, and Ryuusei glows with the same energy until his entire body is alight

Beleqwaya: For Lore. Fore the ones I love. For Galrick, and for everyone else you have hurt! Ryuusei Cartwright... Robert Twain... I am Beleqwaya Melamin --
Beleqwaya: -- NOW PERISH!

Ryuusei explodes into particles. Beleqwaya's shoulders sag

Beleqwaya: ...I am... sorry... Melamin...

Beleqwaya collapses. His body glows white, before disintegrating into white particles. The void glows white. From the outside, the portal glows white and disappears. The spirit of Hope flies in, briefly making contact with yourself, before flying off again

«You»: Ugh----
Kalanyr: Beleqwaya....
Warlic: He is gone, Kalanyr.
Tralin: Like so many others, he has given himself to slow the Uncreator.
«You»: We did it! We defeated the Devourer! He is gone, never again to haunt our world! WE WON!

Diviara flies in

Alignment Path!
Depending on your Chaos or Unity alignment, you will experience a different scene!

Diviara: Is that what you believe?
«You»: It's true, isn't it??
Falerin: I fear not.

Falerin: "We" is a strong word, given that for a time you fought WITH Ryuusei.
Diviara: Your proclamation is also of questionable accuracy.

«Scene: Isle d'Oriens courtyard. The Huntress and The Eternal are standing in the courtyard.»

Eternal: It is time...

The Eternal bends over

The Huntress: Father--!
Eternal: I die, Celestra. He has released me. I die and go to rejoin our bretheren. I am free.
The Huntress: I will miss you, Father.
Eternal: I go to my rest, but the Spirit of Garavin the Eternal will always watch over Lore...and you, my daughter.
The Huntress: Father, I--
Eternal: Shh. My time has passed, and now it is your turn. Will you travel to Terra?
The Huntress: I do not know that he will want me there.
Eternal: He will... and you can be his eyes in his homeland during his exile. And Celestra...
The Huntress: Yes, Father?
Eternal: Thank the Traveller for his aid.
The Huntress: I will.
Eternal: Now-- I love you.... and I must go....

The Eternal fades away. Her hands slowly sink downward.

«Scene: Back at the Temple Ruins»

«You»: The`Galin still could return, then. But he seems so different from what we were led to believe. Auricarius said he was necessary.
Diviara: My cousin-in-law is astute, as always. That keen intellect is why I married a Goldwing.
Falerin: Uncreation is necessary in some form if creation is to proceed.
«You»: Just what did The`Galin mean, that he had kept his promise to you and to Galrick?
Falerin: When Galrick let the undead into Lore, he became a priest communicant of The`Galin.
«You»: Ah, yes... it was one of the things he mentioned to me in the forest when we first met. But you freed him.
Falerin: I freed him from the Network, but not from the obligation he assumed.
«You»: I see... so if he was the property of The`Galin, why didn't he melt like Epheel?
Falerin: Galrick knew his death was likely and he begged me to protect his body and soul from Ryuusei, lest they be used as undead...or for something more sinister.
«You»: That isn't an answer.
Falerin: I am getting there. I claimed Galrick as my own agent. Doing so was bound to fail... because of the existing claim.
«You»: .......
Falerin: It may have been taken as an act of war on the Lorian pantheon as well.
«You»: ... That was very risky, then.
Falerin: It was... and I only succeeded because the one who owned Galrick released him to me at great personal cost.
«You»: The'Galin.
Falerin: The same.
«You»: So wait. If Galrick is alive, where is he? And what of the others who have fallen? Giliara, Nightbane...
Falerin: Lore has lost Galrick. Giliara has moved on to his reward, and serves the Lord of Light. Balius, too, is finally at peace.
«You»: Somewhere Galrick lives, though.
Falerin: Yes. Not as he did, but he lives. he cannot return to Lore. While he lives, he does so in exile on Terra as my agent there.
Falerin: Now if you will excuse me, I am demanded elsewhere.

Falerin disappears

«Scene: Mt. Thrall. Agent Smith and Maxwell enter and face each other»

Agent Smith: You will activate your technology and lead us to the Void to rescue Ryuusei!
Maxwell: Now why would I do something like that? I hate the man and swore to see him dead.
Agent Smith: Because if you do not I will kill your family and salt the earth with their bones!
Maxwell: ...Is that your final answer?
Agent Smith: DO IT! Or I will turn the Cold on them and make you watch while I turn them into soulless husks!
Maxwell: Suit yourself.

Maxwell throws Ayame aside. There is a flash of white light, and the two are gone. Bree-Ha and a Drakel Guard enter

Bree-Ha: Gather whatever technology you can find for dissection and analysis.

Maxwell and Smith stand inside the Void, with a portal in the background

Agent Smith: Where is Ryuusei? Where are we? What have you done?!
Maxwell: I've taken us both to the Void, just like you asked, Smith.
Maxwell: You won't be hurting anybody else here...for the rest of eternity.

Maxwell draws his sword, and lunges at Smith. Smith blasts Maxwell with magic, and Maxwell falls to the ground

Agent Smith: You have no idea of REAL power...
Maxwell: ... maybe... not... but even though I might die here, they will retrieve my body... and you will be trapped here...
Maxwell: ........FOREVER.

A remote control appears in Maxwell's hand, and he crushes it. The portal glows with a white light, which envelops the screen.

«Scene: Back at the Temple ruins»

Diviara: There is much to do. Agents of the Network still plague this land and it is ever changed from The`Galin's passing. we must rebuild the Temple and Granemor.
«You»: Still, The`Galin has been defeated. That's something, at least...
Diviara: We have won the day, but he is not defeated. You only sent away his vessel, slowed him down. He had already abandoned that host, and he will find another.
«You»: But....

«Scene: Back at Mt. Thrall»

Bree-Ha: That appears to be some sort of transportation device. In the hands of Drakel loyal to the Network, this may be quite useful.
Chaos Guard: Minister?
Bree-Ha: At the very least, taking it ensures the Order will remain stranded here without aid. They might otherwise prove a hindrance to us.

Bree-Ha and the Guard leave.

«Scene: Back at the Temple Ruins»

Alignment Path!
Depending on your Chaos or Unity alignment, you will experience a different scene!

Diviara: However, your aid and the aid of others like you has allowed us to accomplish something fairly remarkable, something even the Drakel did not manage to do the last time.
«You»: Remarkable?? What do you mean?

Diviara: However, we were able to accomplish something remarkable, something even the Drakel did not manage to do the last time.
«You»: Remarkable?? What do you mean?

Thorne Lorin enters

Thorne Lorin: Yes, quite remarkable. The work of the Knights of Lorithia may yet succeed. At the very least, this gives me Hope. Hehehe...
«You»: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. What exactly IS the work of the Knights, anyway?
Thorne Lorin: It is simple. We wish to show The`Galin that creation is worth saving, that he has misjudged us. We seek to show him that we CAN come together--
Thorne Lorin: --and reunify him with the land of his birth. With this victory we have bought a reprieve from Uncreation.
Diviara: We have amazed him and stayed his hand. Lore has put forth a show of enough unity to give him pause.
Diviara: We have given him the sight of his ultimate and true desire. We caused him to have second thoughts.
Diviara: For now, at least. Of course, he could return at anytime. Now I must see to my son.
Thorne Lorin: Diviara, tell your son Amilara that he should not be too concerned. What he did was necessary, and I think we all wanted to beat Ryuusei senseless.
«You»: He just managed to do it!
Diviara: He will come around in time.

Diviara flies off

Thorne Lorin: The`Galin must be pleased at his results with Diviara. He has been a particularly loyal servant.
«You»: .................
Thorne Lorin: The Order of Lorithia's work is never done. If you will excuse me, I need to see Tralin about setting up a permanent location to commemorate this effort in the City of Deren proper.
Thorne Lorin: What has happened here needs to be recorded and remembered.
«You»: This is a turning point in history.... That much is certain. The world will never be the same again!

  • Victory!!

«Scene: Space, above Lore.»

  • Play!

In the weeks that followed, much work was done to start rebuilding and to assess the damage the Devourer caused. It cannot be said when he may feed on Lore again, when he might again turn his hand to Uncreation. We can only hope to be ready for his next coming...

  • Replay
  • Back to Town


Level 0-11

Brain Spider Nymph (8)
Brilhado Mage (8)
Brilhado Necromancer (8)
Brilhado Ranger (8)
Brilhado Warrior (8)
Broadkil Bone-Drone (6)
Doc Sawbones (60)
Exodus Warrior (5) [Without Pet]
Malzar (10)
Protean (5)
Undead Soldier (5)

Level 12-20

Brain Spider Nymph (15)
Brain Spider Nymph (8)
Brilhado Brawler (15)
Brilhado Mage (8)
Brilhado Necromancer (8)
Brilhado Ranger (8)
Fusian (10)
Malzar (10)
Predecessor (12)
Protus Symbiote (15)
Tytoa (10)
Undead Braken (20)
Undead Mage (14)

Level 21-37

Bone Knight (25)
Brain Spider Imago (28)
Brilhado Necromancer (8)
Brilhado Necromancer (30)
Brilhado Warrior (8)
Broadkil Cydaver (21)
Doc Sawbones (20)
Exodus Warrior (25) [With Pet]
Nurse Botoxia (25)
Protean (20)
Protus Symbiote (30)
Skkree (30)
Skull Swarm (30)

Level 38-54

Brain Spider Imago (28)
Brilhado Necromancer (30)
Brilhado Ranger (8)
Broadkil Corpsomaton (38)
Exodus Commander (40)
Jumping Brain Spider (48)
Nurse Botoxia (25)
Pile o' Bones (Undead) (50)
Protean (40)
Protus Symbiote (30)
Skkree (30)
Skull Swarm (30)
Undead Mage (45)
Undead Skull Ape (40)

Level 55-64

Brilhado Necromancer (60)
Brilhado Warrior (60)
Broadkil Cadaborg (56)
Fusian (60)
Giant Mummy (65)
Jumping Brain Spider (48)
Malzar (60)
Nurse Botoxia (50)
Pile o' Bones (Undead) (50)
Predecessor (60)
Protus Symbiote (50)
Soul Banisher (60)
Tytoa (60)
Undead Mage (45)

Level 65-81

Brilhado Necromancer (60)
Brilhado Warrior (60)
Broadkil Carcassdroid (71)
Death Knight (66)
Giant Mummy (65)
Malzar (70)
Nurse Botoxia (70)
Protean (60)
Protus Symbiote (75)
Skull Ape (Undead) (80)
Soul Banisher (60)
Tarantula Brain Spider (68)
Tytoa (60)

Level 82-94

Black Widow Brain Spider (88)
Brilhado Necromancer (100)
Broadkil Necrobot (87)
Demios (88)
Giant Mummy (65)
Malzar (70)
Nurse Botoxia (90)
Predecessor (100)
Protus Symbiote (75)
Skull Ape (Undead) (80)
Soul Banisher (100)
Undead Braken (100)

Level 95+

Banshee Messenger (111)
Black Widow Brain Spider (88)
Brilhado Brawler (110)
Brilhado Necromancer (100)
Broadkil Necrobot (87)
Demios (108)
Demios (88)
Ebil Cupid (100)
Giant Mummy (65)
Klubber, the Undead Dude (117)
Malzar (70)
Necropolis Fiend (100)
Night Horror (112)
Nurse Botoxia (90)
Predecessor (100)
Protus Symbiote (75)
Skull Ape (Undead) (80)
Soul Banisher (100)
Soul Banisher (130)
Undead Braken (100)
Undead Dragon Mutant (92)
Undead Fansarin (92)
Wolf Brain Spider (98)



Souvenir Boy's T-Shirt (10)
Souvenir Girl's T-Shirt (10)
Souvenir Boy's T-Shirt (40)
Souvenir Girl's T-Shirt (40)
Souvenir Boy's T-Shirt (70)
Souvenir Girl's T-Shirt (70)

House Items

Nightbane's Last Stand
The Eternal
Temple of Hope Inside
Temple of Hope Outside


Evil Eyeglasses (20)
Mark of Hope (20)
Evil Eyeglasses (40)
Mark of Hope (40)
Evil Eyeglasses (60)
Mark of Hope (60)
Evil Eyeglasses (80)
Mark of Hope (80)
Evil Eyeglasses (100)
Mark of Hope (100)


Kindheart Mirror
Trueheart Mirror
Braveheart Mirror
Nobleheart Mirror
Pureheart Mirror


Least Elemental Unity
Lesser Elemental Unity
Elemental Unity
Great Elemental Unity
Perfect Elemental Unity


Disorder Flux Flail
Disorder Flux Staff
Disorder Flux Glaive
Turmoil Flux Flail
Turmoil Flux Staff
Turmoil Flux Glaive
Bedlam Flux Flail
Bedlam Flux Staff
Bedlam Flux Glaive
Anarchy Flux Flail
Anarchy Flux Staff
Anarchy Flux Glaive
Chaos Flux Flail
Chaos Flux Staff
Chaos Flux Glaive