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One of the more obvious perks of Guardianship, the Guardian Dragon's role in Adventure Quest is primarily through being summoned by various weapons such as the Blade of Awe and Guardian Blade. When summoned thusly, he will attack the foe with Element X, the damage dealt being a percentage dependent on the difference between the player and monster level. When summoned, there is a small chance that Guardian Dragon Jr. will be summoned instead, attacking the monster with its own base element and dealing roughly 67% of the damage his father would have done. Depending on the monsters' resistance to that element, Jr. might also summon his father as he runs off.

Guardian Dragon Hits: 1 Element: Void Attack Type: Magic Base Damage = (33 + Your Level - Monster Level)% of your enemies current HP, this % cannot go below 1% or above 100%. In addition there is a flat minimum damage equal to twice your level. Random Damage = 0 BtH = 300 Rate: 90%

Guardian Dragon Jr. Hits: 1 Element: Enemies Base Element Attack Type: Magic Base Damage = 67% of what the Guardian Dragon would Have Done. Random Damage = 0 BtH = 300 Rate: 10% if the opponent has less than 75% resistance to his base element, Jr will get Daddy who will do a Guardian Dragon attack.

When summoned, the Guardian Dragon will announce his presence with one of many options. His son also has a list of lines he will spout out. To date, the two have been noted to have said:

Guardian Dragon "Prepare thyself for oblivion... nothing can resist my attack!"

"Do you guys always have to summon me when I am using the restroom?!"

"You have summoned the dragon, but in Soviet Russia, the dragon summons you!"

"You summoned me, Master? Ah... Feel my wrath, foul fiend!"

"As you command, Master, I shall unleash my power upon thy enemy!"

"Hmph... another monster already? As you command, Master."

"Mmmmmm... this will make a tasty snack! *Roars*"

"If not for me, do you know how many more favors Death would have?"

"I refuse to attack one more time. The Dragon Union contract section 40,000 specifically forbids... Oh, what the heck!"

"Look, you call me, I burn it. Do you need a witty punchline every time?"

"Hrmph.... this opponent is too easy for you, Master. Allow me!"

"Burninate!!!! (Do not sue us please...)"

"Sorry I am late... I was talking to the Knights of Order about reducing my summon rate."

"<Insert witty catchphrase here.>"

"Don't blame me, the people on the forums and in the chatroom wrote my lines!"

"Gotta make this fast, I've got a Trobble in the oven!"

"Kame...... hame................. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

"Another summon, Master? Very well, but quickly. I've got a date with Serlissa!"

"Master, this foe is unworthy... allow me to vanquish it!"

"Geez, again? Haven't you ever heard of spells?"

"My apologies for being late Master, the server's lagging up again."

"I came to kick arse and chew bubble gum... and I'm all out of bubble gum!"

"I scratch your back, you scratch mine. No, seriously, there's a spot right between my shoulders that really itches!"

"I wish I could pay some money, wave a small stick around, and summon YOU whenever I wanted!"

"Foul creature... prepare thyself for the wrath of the Guardian Dragon!"

"You summoned me for... a [Monster name]!?"

"Kill it with fire!"

"I'mma chargin' mah fire breath!"

"Say hello to my little friend!"

"*yawn* I just woke up from a nap. Now smell my morning breath!"

"You just remember who needs who in this relationship."

"I never got a gift from you last Frostval. Want to explain that one?"

"You know, I wanted to be a poet. Crush my dreams, why don't you?"

"Burn, baby, burn!"

"You know, before you Guardians started summoning me, I used to have a social life."

"Need a light?"

"Ready to meet the Reaper?"

"What a coincidence, I just bought a new cookbook: 'How to Serve [Monster name].'"

"RAWR. There, I said it."

"Okay! I'll burn the darn monster! But I am NOT going to give you a witty punchline!"

"If I had a gold piece for every time I was summoned, I could retire and let Junior take over."

"I could quit this job. My agent says Peter Jackson wants me to play Smaug."

"And as an added twist, I'm really just 12 frogzards in a dragon suit!"

"You are like a second son to me. Every time you screw up, I have to clean up your mess."

"We don't need no water let the [Monster name] burn! Burn [Monster name], burn!"

"You may get the rewards, but I'm the one who gets the girls."

"My breath goes to eleven. That's hotter than ten."

"Next time, could you summon me to fight something that bathes occasionally?"

"Do not meddle in the affairs of the Guardian Dragon. I'm running out of ketchup!"

"You could at least buy me dinner first. I feel so used."

"I love the smell of dragonbreath in the morning. Smells like...victory."

"My name is Guardian Dragon. You provoked this Guardian into summoning me. Prepare to die."

"Give a monster a match and it'll be warm for a minute. Set it on fire, and it'll be warm for the rest of its life."

"Let's make this quick. It's almost time for Mogbusters!"

"D-do you re-realize t-t-the amount o-of c-c-coffee potions I g-gotta drink to k-keep up with all t-the summons?"

"For fiery death, touch rune 1."

"Why do I always have to have the humorous catch phrases? Why can't YOU say something once in a while?"

"I need to teach YOU to do this so you won't have to summon me."

"MOO!! Erm... I mean, RAWR!! Yeah, that's the one..."

"It is inevitable, Mr. [Monster name]!"

"Ugh, I shouldn't have eaten that Firezard con carne"

Guardian Dragon Jr. At his arrival:

"Shhh... my Dad doesn't know I am out here!"

"Oooh, ooh, oooh, I want to help!"

"Stand back and watch my super special attack!"

"I am so dead if my Father finds out about this!"

"Taste luke-warm justice!"


"If I had hands I'd Dragon punch you!"

"One day I'll be as big and strong as my dad, and you'll summon me instead of him!"

"Hmph. Take this, you big meanie!"

"I'm glad Lore doesn't have any child labor laws!"

"Dad's helping some other Guardian right now, so I snuck out!"

"Dad said if I eat enough monsters I'll grow up big and strong like him!"

"I got a 'needs improvement' on my last report card. They said I didn't work well with others, just because I burned a few monsters. Take you for example..."

After his attack, if the opponent has 75% or more to his base element:


"Did you see that?! Did you see that?!"


"Awwwwww yeah!"



"Take that!"

"Boom! Headshot!"

"Who's the man? Oh yeah. I AM the man."

"*sticks tongue out* Ppppppbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhhhtttttttt!"

After his attack, if the opponent has less than 75% to his base element:

"Uh oh... I'd better get my Dad!"

"Let's keep this between you and me... I'll get Dad!"

"Oh no, I am SO getting grounded..."

"I am SO dead if my Father finds out about this!"

"Erm... um... it wasn't me, it wasn't me!"

"Whoops... no one saw me do it, you can't prove anything!"

"Well... uh... that was just a practice round! Dad!"