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The Network is an organization composed of the various races and individuals in the service of The'Galin. Many are gathered from the worlds that The'Galin has destroyed. Constantly traveling between realities on their mission of destruction makes them vulnerable to the Weapons of Salvation.

NOTE: This article also includes enemies from WarpForce.

Brain Spider

A Brain Spider

Brain Spiders are horrible abominations created through the combination of Drakel magiscience and Brilhado necromancy that first appeared in the Fall of Augerthorne. They grow stronger as they feed on the intelligence of their opponents and have the ability to trap them in silk webs. Variations include:


A Brilhado Ranger

The Brilhado are a very intelligent and cultured race. Once angelic servants of the Light Lord, they were persuaded to join the Network by Xilar and became greater demons of the light realm. They were the first race known to have joined the Network and have remained some of its most powerful and feared members. They first appeared in-game during the War for the Creation Orb.

The fighting forces of the Brilhado are highly varied, being comprised of warriors, mages, rangers, brawlers, and, most infamously, necromancers armed with magical weapons of darkness called Blackbones and the psionic ability known as the Cold. The Cold, as used by Brilhado necromancers and some other members of the Network, is a form of mental torture that can be used to subdue opponents or even force a change of allegiance. Diviara Celegra is its most skilled known practitioner. Brilhado necromancers may also become liches like other necromancers.

Brilhado Necromancer

The higher ranks include a rare subtype of Brilhado, named the Goldwings for their unusual feather coloration. The members of the Goldwing family are highly regarded as both scholars and warriors, and maintain considerable social standing despite their dwindling numbers.

Despite the harsh penalties attached to doing so, all of the significant Brilhado NPCs in-game have turned against the Network, either in backstory or by switching sides shortly after being introduced. After the Devourer Saga ended, the majority of the race followed suit; they remain in Deren under a tenuous peace agreement with Tralin.


Commander Auricarus

Auricarus Goldwing is the Brilhado commander who led the attack on the Cor-Dem gate. An encounter with the player character left him questioning his allegiance, and he and the rest of his family left the Network some time later.


Diviara, General of the Network

Diviara Celegra is one of The'Galin's communicants, and as a general of the Network he led the Brilhado and undead forces in N'eld, Vandar, and Deren. He participated is several major battles and is responsible for, among other things, the destruction of K'eld Alorin and the shattering of the Orb of Creation. He abandoned his post after seeing his younger brother, Giliara, killed against his orders. While leaving the Network has not freed him from The'Galin's service, recent events indicate that he has come to terms with it.



Broadkil are part undead and part magiscience-powered robot. Variations include

  • Broadkil Bone-Drone
  • Broadkil Corpsmaton
  • Broadkil Cydaver
  • Broadkil Cadaborg
  • Broadkil Carcassdroid
  • Broadkil Necrobot


A Cloke

From a distance a Cloke looks like a human... but when you are close enough you can see this alien's eyes extending on stalks, revealing otherwise. The Cloke are fighting on the side of the Devourer, but most of them do not want to. First appeared in The Network Strikes.


The Cor-Dem are a race of aliens from the planet Cor-Demiaz. Many Network Cor-Dem are altered in various ways, resulting in Kor-Dem and Vor-Dem.


Cor-Gil was part of a Network group on Trescol seeking an alliance with the Par'sha. The WarpForce was able to bring a stop to his plans before they could do any serious damage.


Vasillus is a time-traveling Cor-Dem who trades the souls of rare creatures to collectors throughout the galaxy. In a negated future he was successful in driving an unknown number of species to extinction, including the dragons.


A Clugg

The Clugg is a titanic clay golem that was created on the world of Gurth by the Teknovaders to serve the Devourer's Network armies. It was encountered at Mount Thrall.


Heronos, the Dicero Traitor

Nechron Dicero

The network also has some diceros to aid it, which make excellent hunters. They are somewhat of rhino men. Some known diceros are Enki and Enlil, but they are not members of the Network. They breed malzars, and have their own spaceships. They come from planet Dicero. They can be reanimated by the nechrons. They are a race of fierce warrior shamans.


Heronas was a close friend of Enki and Enlil until he betrayed them and joined the Network. He bred Malzar for the Network.


A Defiler Sentry

The Defilers are a machine race from the world of Omnus. The most basic defiler type is the Defiler Sentry, which combines the galaxy's strongest materials into an effective fighting form.


Z29K is the King of the Defilers and one of the Four Autarchs in Warpforce. He was captured by the Alteon's crew during an attempt to capture the ship. He will be questioned by the Warpforce, to find more about the mysterious leader of the Autarchs, the Dark Madder.



A werewolf dracopyre

A vampire dracopyre

Dracopyres were under the service of the Network when their leader, Nightbane as tricked by Epheel into joining the Network's ranks, but they left after Nightbane killed Epheel and abandoned the Network. An vampire-dragon crossbreed or an werewolf-dragon hybrid or an vampire bat-dragon hybrid, the Dracopyres are an dangerous foe, under command of Nightbane. First met in the Nightbane Chronicles.


Nightbane, Lord of the Dracopyres

Nightbane was once of werepyre, son of Wolfwing, who was gifted by his father with unspeakable power, but after he drank blood of thousands of dragons he became a dracopyre and wanted to conquer Darkovia. Tricked into joining the Network after Epheel's offer of ultimate power, he escaped the control of the deceptive spider and killed him after Cenera spoke him of reason. He was once known by the human name Balius. He attacked his son, hoping he could get the powers of the avatar of death, but when he heard that Cenera is the new avatar, he fled to fight The'Galin with his own powers. He died in a battle with The'Galin, who killed him easily, and converted him to his human form. He is now kept in a coffin inside his old castle.


The Network doesn't has many dragons amongst its ranks, except for dracoliches, undead dragons which they get from their brilhado necromancers.


Drakath, champion of chaos

Drakath was first a man (As seen in DragonFable and AQWorlds), but became a dragon renouncing at his humanity. After his death, he was reanimated, but killed again. He recently raised from the dead using blood gathered from various wars, and recruited seven villains and also stole the orbs, and by the process creating a new faction called the "Sinister Seven", made of : Sila - whom he gave the light orb, Calladus - whom he gave the earth orb, Zardmaster - whom he gave the wind orb, Drakonnas - whom he gave the energy orb, Drakonnan II - whom he gave the fire orb, Nepto - whom he gave the water orb; and prince Jack Frost - whom he gave the ice orb. He also kept the darkness orb from himself. After his defeat at the Sinister Seven Event, Drakath was healed by a brilhado necromancer by using the Cold, which offered him to become a member of the Network and also a champion of chaos, which he agreed unquestionly. It is unknown what plans has the Network for him.


File:Drakel Captain.jpg

Drakel Captain

File:Drakel Bouncer.jpg

Chaos Drakel

The Drakel were on of the few races to survive The'Galin's last visit to Lore mostly intact and continue to serve as a powerful bastion against his forces. Some, however, have found it more profitable to join the Network on its destructive journey.


Bree'Ha wasa minister of K'eld Naer. At first he appeared to be on the side of Unity, helping the heroes defeat the Vector Von Drake, but after his return, he was not good at all. He and Warlord Fansarin entered the Network because they lost any hope of defeating the Devourer alone. He was stopped and sent to prison, but rescued by divisionists. He joined Agent Smith, offering his services but not by actually fighting, and continued to work for the Network even after Smith's imprisonment in the Void. He was interested in some kind of new tehnology at Mount Thrall. He has a cousin, Yeeuh'Ha, but he is not evil at all, and is quite the opposite: he is part of Unity and of the Deren Republic . He also appeared in the Bizarre Flecks Saga, in which he proposed revenge and power to the true Ryuusei Cartwright, which he did not accept, and could not even comprehend it. He was also surprised that Ryuusei accepted that he called him "human", not vesperian.


Undead Fansarin

Warlord Fansarin

Fansarin was the Warlord of the Drakel Power League, that along with minister Bree'Ha, Fansarin wanted to betray Unity and join the Devourer . He was friend with Minister Bree'Ha . He was a cyberdrakel, more robotic than organic, making peoples wonder if he has soul.

He was killed, with his makete falling into his body, but reanimated by the second mysterious necromancer and Doc Sawbones. He attack using his machete and his arm, that is a rocket launcher. He also appeared at the Battle of Augerthorne in his undead form .



The Huntress faces off against Epheel.

Epheel is The Shadowmaster of the Epic Quest. He lied to make the heroes think the Huntress is evil, when it was actually him who was the servant of The'Galin. He sacrificed his humanity to become member of The Network. He was ultimately killed by Nightbane, the one he converted to the side of the Network.

It was later revealed that he was the one to transform Hermes Tarror, a lorian merchant, into the leader of Haven, Lord Terror, the same way he converted Nightbane to the side of the Network .

Nith, the Shadow Dragon

Nith is a dragon that serves the Shadowmaster in the Epic Quest, which is Elpheel. Even though many think he is made of shadow, he is actually only covered in shadow.

Evil Tiki


A evil tiki

Whatever world the Evil Tiki race came from, it is surely very strange. They make great servants of the Devourer since they love to destroy things. First met in The Network Strikes. They attack by making stone spines rise from the ground. They have been seen in many wars. They are also known as tikiokias .


Exdar, the Exodus Titan

A part of the Exodus

A huge cloud formed of living shadows, the Exodus can split into millions of parts, suiting any purpose it desires, making an army. It joined the Devourer to remain alive, otherwise it would be destroyed. To be defeated, all its parts must be found and destroyed. The controlling part of the Exodus is called the Soul Banisher, first met by the guardian, Personater.

In the Dragonlord Saga , a AdventureQuest/DragonFable crossover, Artix, Cysero and Zhoom took the player from DragonFable and his titan dragon to fight an Exodus Titan, a huge form of the Exodus formed from many living shadow. Thus, he was defeated for the second time.

The Exodus could then be fought in other wars of the Devourer Saga, meaning that all his parts were not completely found. It was first met in Exodus attack . It can transform into an Exodus Warrior, Commander or Pet, but it is not limited to these forms .


Exo Clawtrooper

Exo Krillscout

The Exos appeared in Warpforce. They are a shrimp-like race. They answer to Queen Naseria. They come from the world of Xeno. They can be reanimated by the nechrons. Exos in service of the Network include : Lobber , Cligg and Spiny - a trio of exos that invaded Satiren . There are numerous variations of exos : including exo krillscouts, clawtroopers, barnacle bashers.

Quen Naseria

Queen Naseria is Queen of the Exos, and one of the Four Autarches in Warpforce. She confronted Admiral Amanda of the WarpForce .


Craboro is an exos that attacked Kairula along with Veza. They retreated from the planet after their defeat .


A fusian

The Fusian are a race that has been forced to work for the Devourer. They come from various carbon stars. They are highly intelligent, but they cannot communicate with other races such as the humans. They were not used in The Exodus war, since they are of the light element, and Exodus is darkness. They were first met in War for the Creation Orb


A Gathoran

The Gathorans appeared in WarpForce. They are a robotic race who's planet, Omnus, has been transformed into robotic by another machine race, the defilers, and even exiled from there .

Many of the gathorans are against the Network and fight against it, like Screwloose, but some of them serve the Network .


The Gibbin appeared in Warpforce in an alternate timeline created by Gravalax's machine . They were once Greenguard Elves changed by a powerful magic and becomed more technologically advanced. They locked the drakel in their domes and joined the Network, transforming Lore primary into a Network world, excepting for the continent of Battleonia. They can be gunners, smashers


A gologowl

Gologowls are ice elemental agents of the Devourer from the planet Plutarch. First met in The Network Strikes. They then returned in several other wars.

Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath

From the World of Wrath come the grapes of wrath, which are huge grapes encountered at Mount Thrall. They seem to have intelligence of their own .


Although most humans are against the Network, under some circumstances there were humans that joined the Network .


Galrick is a human from Neld, and he had a wife that was killed in Sentar. At some point or another, Galrick was a member of the Network, and accepted to serve The'Galin at a moment of anger to the Vandarins, and because of this fustration he ended up in killing Tralin's adoptive father, King Draynor of Deren, and become one of the Devourer's communicants, but Falerin saved him from it. Because he left the Network, they would never allow him to live. He sacrificed himself to defend the Temple of Hope as he was killed by Ryuusei Cartwright .



Controlled by The'Galin using his powers of manipulation, this brave warrior was once part of the Network, until he was released. Blackhawke was used to cause a war between ninjas and pirates.

Louis M. Zephyr

The'Galin's messenger , who is one of the few that understand The'Galins true purpose. He is also known as Ojodeldevorador, which means the "Eye of the Devourer", or simply as Lord Ojo, or the Doctor. He apparently comes from Terra, and after he was driven from his world because of conflicts over Delphi, he heard whispers that the corruption is The'Galin, but found a different beign that he was searching for. Sympathizing his mission against corruption, he joined The Network.


a Jerroto

Jerroto are aliens brought to Lore as servants of the Devourer. Some believe they are a cross between dragonkind and plants. They were first met in The Network Strikes. They come from Jevasick , a world inhabited entirely by plant life .


A kilikiero

The Kilikieros are agents of the Devourer from the planet Voulton, a gas giant in the Andromeda Galaxy and Kakiro . They are bird-like creatures. First met in The Network Strikes.


Kordem, the twisted version of the allien Cor-Dem

A twisted version of the alien Cor-Dem. The Kor-Dem come from planet Cor-Demiaz. A known Kor-Dem is Viktor, held captive by Atlas Maxwell.


A Malzar

The Malzar is a very destructive agent. He was given intelligence by a symbiotic machine race. He travels in interdimensional space with his master, The'Galin. He was first met in Weapons of Salvation, when Epheel called him to fight the player. After he was defeated, Epheel confronts the player. He then returned in several other wars. He can attack using his mechanic parts or his horns. They come from planet Dicero, and they are breed by the diceros, the main inhabitants of the planet. They are not always mechanical, and they are not always brown. They colors vary from blue, to white, red, green, gray and even black!


The Nechrons are a necromantic race from the World of Purgos. They are led by Dark Madder, and can reanimate the dead as undead. They are also in control of spaceships. So far, they can reanimate Proteans, Diceros, Exos and many other alliens. So far, they have only appeared in WarpForce.

Dark Madder

Little is known about Dark Madder besides that he is leader of the nechrons and that he is one of the Four Autarch. He creates many undeads using his necromantic powers. He also created the nochtherezzas.


The Niv are fiercely territorial, and fought hard against the Devourer's Network. All of them except one queen perished, but luckily she had been carrying an egg sac filled with 100,000 offspring!


The nochtherezzas are a species of undead golems that serve the Network. There is a more powerful version of them, the Dark Nochtherezza . They are created by the Dark Madder. They asked for 20 billion gold in change of Colonel Ba'Tokk, which they captured . For what they needed that much money was unknown, though it is speculated that they may required it to buy raw material from Lord Terror .


Ryussei Cartwright, avatar of Omega and the new general of the Network.


The most powerful agent of the Network, who is actually a manifestation of The'Galin himself. One of his avatars is Ryuusei Cartwright. He uses Tytoas as bodyguards.


Various orcs from various worlds also serve the Network. They include Orc Bandits, Footsoldiers, Gladiators, Mages, Swordmen, Wizards, Archers, Warlords, Generals, Blasters, and various orc warriors.

Still, most of the orc race do not serve the Network, like Brontus and his followers, that fought against Minister Bree'Ha and Warlord Fansarin of the Drakel Powers League, his cousin Culak, son of chieftain Mardu ; or General Bour of the Epic Quest, that is just evil .


A Predecessor

The Predecessor is a hunter from the World of Kron and Xritam. The Void Dragon remind him of home, since they look like aliens. They also hunt Alien Zards .

One predecessor was defeated by the player, Yulgar, and the Huntress in a battle at the Azma Lake. The three heroes had come to investigate a strange sight the locals had seen. At the Azma Lake, he met Nightbane and Agent Smith, and they invited him to join them. He gladly accepted the invitation to get his revenge and to kill all of the Network's enemies, having a passion to hunt.

He possesses a strong sharp energy axe, and speaks in a strange language; he managed to tell the player that he wanted to fight them in only a few lines. A strong foe, he attacks with his sharp axe, the vibraxe; or launches a laser beam from his metal mask.

A known predecessor is Crevath , leader of his hunting party .


A protus symbiote in battle

A protean

Proteans are living, metallic, oozing life forms from the distant world of Protus. It has the ability to fuse with anything and become a protus symbiote. They need to morph into a shape much like the number two in order to communicate.

An aircraft filled with them crashed in Battleonia, after being forced to by a Protean that was against the Devourer. Later, many of them became Protectors of Lore. First met in "Protector of Lore" quest .

There are also proteans that do not serve the Network, like minister Har'Zaff and Raz'Griff, Kir'Alahs and Jur'Devan.


A Salek

The Salek come from the World of Scar, and they are part of the Network and of the Salek Empire.


The Network also has silari in its ranks, which are an ancient type of drakel. One of them was met by the Devourer from the time he was a human. Silaris are desertic beigns, that live in Ne'Elds, which were submerged places, built beneath the sand.

One of them, through not of the Network but with a bounty on his head, the cybernetic-enhanced giant Kuvak, tricked the Warpforce and attacked them into coming to him and steal their ship.


Xilar the Silari

See also Xilar

Xilar is a silari, an ancient type of drakel, that is also communicant of the Devourer and one of the few that understand his true purpose. He was able to separate unity, and so his Legacy was formed . His mission is to seek for signs of unity of Lore, a task which he is able to fulfill. He became a member of the Network as he always felt a desire for communicancy but all temples rejected him. He appears to be the first servant of the Devourer, and also the first member of the Network. He isn't proud of dividing the lorians, which became his Legacy, and he doesn't think that he deserves the title of "lord" . Later on, he loathed Cartwright's actions to the point that he asked the Devourer to be separated from the Network and join Battleon, to which the Devourer agreed without reservation since Xilar's loyalty was unquestionable but Cartwright's wasn't.


The Skkree are a reptilian/insectoid hybrid from the world of Frakk. Every last one of them vowed their allegiance to the Devourer nearly 5000 years ago.


They appeared in Warpforce. Tobbors are a humanoid robotic race built by defiler scientists that wanted to understand the human race better .


Ybbor is a Tobbor, one of a race of robots who were built in humanoid form by a Defiler scientist who wanted to understand humanoids better. He was met in the "Find Ben-Kenobi" Quest and attacked the Warp Guardian and star knight Opie Juan.


A Tytoa

The Tytoas are one of the most dangerous of all the Devourer's network of alien races, the Tytoas are able to produce biological poisons. They are the bodyguards of Omega. It has been mentioned that they can use the Cold, but this has never been seen ingame. They come from planet Xritam.


Numerous undead are also members of the Network. They include skeletons, zombies, giant spiders (especially Kresh), Undead brakens (created by the Brilhado), mummies, bone knights, banshees, horrors, fiends, liches {undead necromancers}, dracoliches, and numerous undead cureatures which the Network can use. Brilhado Necromancers are some of the most popular necromancers from the Network, other than the Nechrons from Warpforce, which are also great users of the dark powers of necromancy, which created undead diceros, undead proteans and undead exos. Undeads also include : Doc Sawbones,Nurse Botoxia, Demios

Doc Sawbones

Doctor Sawbones

Nurse Botoxia and Doctor Sawbones

Once Doctor Sawbones and Nurse Botoxia were great medics that saved lives of kings and queens. Now undead, they share a somewhat alternative lifestyle. He and Nurse Botoxia were hired by the Mysterious Necromancer create an undead army from the corpses gathered out of numerous wars. He is some of the many undeads that serve the Network, as he has been encountered in several wars . {C Amiliara Celegra considered him beign one of the "evil undeads".

Nurse Botoxia

Once Doctor Sawbones and Nurse Botoxia were great medics that saved lives of kings and queens. Now undead, they share a somewhat alternative lifestyle. She and Doc Sawbones were hired by the Mysterious Necromancer create an undead army from the corpses gathered out of numerous wars. She is some of the many undeads that serve the Network, as he has been encountered in several wars. She has been recently hired by Doctor Frankenspine to gather some undead corpses . {C Amiliara Celegra considered her beign one of the "evil undeads" .




The giant Demios served as leader of many armies during his life. Now dead, it is said that he serves the necromancers and sometimes the Reaper himself. He is a great undead warrior that also serves the Network, though whether he does so willingly or merely because of necromantic coercion is unknown. Demios takes part in many of the battles involving Undead, as well as the final battle on the Temple of Hope. Demios's true power is at lvl. 108 (also the level at which he gives the Death Shard to whoever defeats him), but he only serves the Network up to lvl. 88, possibly since the Brilhado were unable to use him at his full power.

Undead Fiend

The Fiendish Undead

A fiendish undead led the attack against Granemor, and his mysterious nature remains a mystery. From where this creatures came or why he serves the Network is unknown. He believed that by coming, the heroes would meet their death. The most powerful version of the Undead Fiend, the Necropolis Fiend (lvl. 100), acted as the leader of the Undead attacking Granemor for the Devourer. Though Granemor fell, he was slain by the player. Other Undead Fiends also make appearances in battles for the Temple of Hope towards the end of the Devourer Saga, though the strongest Undead Fiend then was the Catacomb Fiend (lvl. 80). The Undead Fiend's stomp ability can make opponents dizzy and unable to attack, but their real power lies in their Grave Rot curse, which decreases enemy Strength and Endurance as their flesh rots away. They can also intensify the Grave Rot with repeated attacks of their whips.

Undead Fiends also take part in Sepulchre's Army, this time following Absolix. In this particular battle, Necropolis Fiends do appear once more.


Vesperians come from planet Vesper. The only known Vesperians are Agent Smith, and Ryuusei Cartwright.

Agent Smith

Agent Smith is one of the Devourer's Greatest Generals. He acquired the services of Minister Bree'Ha. After Ryuusei Cartwright's imprisonment in the Void, he shared the same fate to Atlas Maxwell.

Ryuusei Cartwright

Ryuusei Cartwright in battle


See also Ryuusei Cartwright

He was adopted by Mathew Twain, and renamed Robert Twain, until he killed his father and recovered his old name. He is one of the main antagonists of the Truth Saga, and he appears to be the primary enemy of the Seekers of Truth . He was first labeled as "Servant of The'Galin" before his true name was told . He said that the Network won when the Clan Leaders where saved, because they choosed to separate, which is a result of the Legacy of Xilar, which separates Unity. He is the New general of the Network that replaced Diviara after he left . He is a communicant of The'Galin, as well as leader of N.O.V.A., and he would do anything to carry out his master's plans. He can use the Cold very well, but he does not understand the Devourer's true purpose, once even disobiding an order from Ojo himself, and even directly confronted Xilar! He is responsible for the death of Galrick, who sacrificed himself to delay Ryuusei. He is the avatar of Omega, the devourer, and he was killed by Beleqwaya, who sacrificed himself, but he was revived after his imprisoner's own revival. He created Absolix, using the help of his servants, the Mutant King and Visia the Shapeshifter, and he treated Absolix as his son, and Shearhide from a dragon named Rath who wanted to invade both space and Lore using one of this strange cubes. He stated that he currently wants only to "play chess", and observe rather than actually act. He stated that he allowed Absolix ("his son") to do his own mistakes, like a father would do, and teach him something, and that he only helped a dragon named Rath to invade the outer space by transforming him into Shearhide. He also stated that he has a plenty of cubes at his disposal.

He was called "the man in Sandy Claws suit" by Dewlok, since in Lore, "Sandy Claws" is Santa Claus, who wears red, and Ryuusei Cartwright is a fancy dresser who also wears red.

In the Truth Saga, he is the arch-foe of the seekers. {C He also appeared in a deleted Frostval 2009 scene, in which he baked cookies with Loremaster Falerin Arderdor.


Virin Behemoth

A Virin

Virins are parasites that appeared in WarpForce and AdventureQuest. They come from the world of Zirrix. They are born from egg sacs . They can control the minds of other aliens. They can fight in their own form, but they prefer to enter someone else's body, usually in other non-sentient creatures. They answer to Jarik'Khzaa.

They usually enter in spiders or behemoths, but they can also enter in the body of full sentient creatures, like a warpforcer or General Leet Stormfront himself, when they infested the LSS Altenon! Their perfect host is the Nefadon, created by the outcast virin scientist, Th'rix Na'thaar. They have their own ships, like the transport ship X'avix.

There are also numerous virins that do not work for the Network, like Keevix , that works for Lord Terror. Still, as Lord Terror sells raw material to the Network, he may be calculated as working for the Network, even if he isn't practically part of it.


Jarik'Khzaa is the leader of the Virins, and one of the Four Autarch in Warpforce .


Veza is a virin that attacked Kairula along with Craboro. They retreated from the planet after their defeat .

Th'rix Nathaar

Th'rix Nathaar is a virin scientist incapable of entering the body of a host, which made him to be treated as an outcast by the virins, but he was seen as a savior when he created the Nefadon.


Some Vor-Dems are also members of the Network. They come from planet Cor-Demiaz. Their appearance is exactly the same as of Big Gray - which are actually Vor-Dem .


The enormous Zardzilla

Zardzillas are huge zards under the service of the Network encountered at Mount Thrall. They are a parody of the enormous monster Godzilla.