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The Network is the totality of agents that the Devourer comands .The agents are gathered from world that he have destroyed . The Wepons of Salvation can harm them, like an poison .

The Devouver

The Network


The Predecessor

A hunter from the world of Kron, the Predecessor prefers to hunt anything alien. Their entire race now serves the Devourer. The Void Dragon reminds him of home. strangely enough. One Predecessor was defeated by the player, Yulgar and the Huntress in a battle in the Azma Lake. When the 3 heroes came to investigate what the local villagers said they saw (something they thought was from another world). The villagers were right; the Predecessor is indeed from another world . At Azma Lake, the Predecessor met Nightbane and Agent Smith. Agent Smith and Nightbane proposed that he (the Predecessor) join them. The Predecessor gladly accepts the proposition, having a passion to hunt and sees joining The Network as an opportunity for battle. The Predecessors (entire race) talk in a strange language; when the Player first encounters one of the Predecessors, the Predecessor says he wishes to fight. This particular Predecessor attacks with his energy axe or launches beams of energy from his eyes.


The Malzar

The Malzar are a very destructive force in the Network, a warlike race given intelligence by a symbiotic machine race. They travel through interdimensional space with the other forces of The Network and The Network's master, The'Galin . The Malzar was first encountered in Weapons of Salvation, when Epheel summoned him to fight the player. A Malzar can attack using its mechanical parts or its horns to hurt the enemy.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION: The Malzar are a warlike species given intelligence by a symbiotic machine race. Traveling across eons and lights years alongside the Devourer, the Malzar revel in destruction.


The Exodus

A huge cloud formed of living shadows, the Exodus is a race and a single entity. It can split into millions of parts, making an army. The Exodus has joined the Devourer to survive. When the Devourer traveled through space they met. Had The Exodus not joined The Network, it would have been destroyed. The Exodus can only be defeated if all his parts are found and destroyed. When The Exodus has split into its "Army Form", the controlling entity (sort of like a Queen Bee in a hive) is called the Soul Banisher. The Soul Banisher was first encountered by the Guardian called Personater. It was first met in Exodus attack. However, in the Dragonlord Saga (more exactly in an AdventureQuest-Dragonfable crossover), Artix, Cysero and Zhoom travel back in time to retrieve the DragonFable player and his Titan Dragon so that he can battle the Exodus Titan - a huge entity of the Exodus - besieging Battleon. The Exodus Titan was defeated, and then Artix returned the Dragonlord back home to Falconreach (5 years in the past, where DragonFable takes place). The Exodus is then fought in other wars of the Devourer Saga because the Forces of Unity were unable to destroy every single part of it. By the end of the Devourer Saga, the Exodus is destroyed completely.

The Brilhado

The Brilhado is an very intelligent and cultured race, but has joined the Devourer . Often confused with angels, the brilhado is actually an greater demon of the light realm . Their general was Diviara Celegra , but he leaved because his own battalion killed his brother, Giliara Celegra , now becoming an simple race that serves the Devourer, trought they are very used, even not all Brilhados are under the Devourer's rule . This race has many fighting ranks : brilhado ranger ( armed with spear ), brilhado mage ( skilled in spells ), brilhado warrior ( armed with sword ), brilhado brawler ( a strong brilhado ), and, of course, the brilhado necromancer ( armed with darkness magic wepons and skilled using the Cold ) . First meeted in War for the Creation Orb . They were one of the first races that joined The'Galin, when he was human . The Brilhado necromancer have the ability to use the Cold, that make the one for is used to feel that is freezed, used to attack someone, to torture him, to convince him to do something, or, in Drakath's case, to revive him when he nearly died, and the Cold's creator is Diviara himself, beign the most skilled brilhado that use it !


The Fusian

It is a race that has been forced to work for the Devourer . The fusian is hightly intelligent, but can't comunicate with psyhic races such are the humans, but can unleash their star bon power upon them . First meeted in War for the Creation Orb . It wasn't used in The Exodus war, because he is the light element, and Exodus is darkness . He attack using his star bon power upon the enemy . He then returned in several other wars .


Evil Tiki

Whatever world the Evil Tiki race came from, it is surely very strange . They make great servants of the Devourer since they love to destroy things . First met in The Network strike . Atack making stone spines rise from the ground . He then returned in several other wars .


The Cloke

From a distance a Cloke looks like a human... but when you are close enough you can see this alien's eyes extending on stalks, revealing he is not a human . The Cloke are fighting on the side of the Devourer, but most of them do not want to . First meeted in The Network strike . He attack with his sword .He then returned in several other wars .


The Jerroto

Jerroto are aliens brought to Lore as servants of the Devourer. Some believe they are a cross between dragonkind and plants. First meeted in The Network strike.


The Gologowl

An ice elemented agent of the Devourer from the planet Plutarch . First meeted in The Network strike . He attack with his hands . He then returned in several other wars .



An agent of the Devourer from the planet Voulton, a gas giant in the Andromeda Galaxy . First meeted in The Network strike .


The Protean / Protector

A living metallic ooze lifeform from the distant world of Protus .It have the ability to change in anything, and become an protus symbiote .He becomed the protector of lore .First meeted in "protector of lore" quest .


One of the most dangerous of all the Devourer's network of alien races, the Tyoko produces biological poisons.


The Shadowmaster.

Nith, the Shadow Dragon

Nith is the massenger of the ShadowMaster, Epheel. He was only found and defeated once by Artix and the player.

Agent Smith

The most feared agent.

Louis Zephyr

The'Galin's messager.


The most powerful agent.



NightBane aka Balius

NightBane, the first and master of all Dracopyres

Dracovamp Lord

Was once the clan leader of vampires. But now for NightBane!


A dragon affected by lycanthropy?


Was once working for Safiria like the Dracovamp Lord. But now for NightBane!

Alpha Dracowolf

Was once a servant of Were-King but now to NightBane!



Drakel Power League
Shadowscythe Mecha

Reactivated by a faction of Drakel, this giant mecha is helping them take over Paxia!

Drakel Ice Mage

A better than average Drakel Caster who has sided with the Ice Lord. Taking an elemental side is forbidden by Drakel law.


This young Soralag is a hybrid of the ancient and powerful Drakel race and must have come to town to try to grab a quick "bite" to eat. The bounty on this monster is unusually high because of its immediate threat!

Drakel Ninja

A stealthy warrior, and very difficult to hit.

Rust Bakplipp

He is a ninja first and a Drakel second!

Drakel Captain

A tough Drakel opponent.

Drakel Bouncer

Once a mere Drakel Destroyer, now combined with cybernetics to creater an even more fearsome opponent!

Back Widow / Nymph / Imago / Jumping / Tarantula / Wolf Brain Spider

A horrible abomination of Drakel magiscience and Brilhado necromancy.

It grows stronger as it feeds on the intelligence of its opponents!

Broadkil Necrobot / Bone-Drone / Cydaver / Corpsomaton / Cadaborg / Carcassdroid

An abomination of Drakel magiscience and Brilhado necromancy!

Drakel Air Raider

A renegade Drakel group has taken to the skies! Knock him down and take his weapon--discovered by CatDrak.

Drakel Power Armor

The apex of Drakel war technology. Prepare to be hurting.


This mechanical aberration could only have been created by the technologically savvy Drakel. Either that, or someone on the AQ Team made it up.

Slick the Drakel

Slick is a Drakel Destroyer who has gonbe off on his own, far away from other Drakel, in pursuit of hunting adventures.

The Orcs

Fragg the Orc , Orc Bandit / Footsoldier / Gladiator / Mage / Swordman / Wizard / Archer / Warlord / General / Blaster

These Orcs and smarter and stronger than their brutish ancestors.


This Orc swordsman knows how to handle himself in a fight!

Orc Horde

This is a small army of a dozen Orcs! What fun!

D'Orc Weird

The Weird D'Orcs have a natural attraction to shiny metal objects and things that go boom, making them excellent at producing cutting edge technology (axes, that is) for their orcish kin.


The Mysterious Necromancer

First identity: Diviara

Second identity: unknown

The mysterious necromancer was previously Diviara the brilhado, but after the war on Deren he abandoned the position. A new necromancer has become the mysterious necromancer, and it has been said that there will always be a Mysterious Necromancer, as it is a name of mystery and anyone can be it.


Doc Sawbones

Once a true doctor who helped save lives, when this man died his soul was bought from the Reaper a Mysterious Necromancer, who now employs him to collect the dead from his armies of undead.


Nurse Botoxia

When they were alive, Nurse Botoxia and Doc Sawbones were a renowned medical team who saved the lives of kings and queens. Now undead, the two enjoy a somewhat alternative lifestyle.


Undead Ninja

This is an Undead Ninja. Bad for him, and bad for us, too.


The giant Demios served as leader of many armies during his life. Now dead, it is said that he serves the necromancers and sometimes the Reaper himself. Whoever defeats Demios in battle can take his sword, the Death Shard. Demios's position towards Uncreation is uncertain, meaning that he can either be truly evil like Doc Sawbones and Nurse Botoxia, or just following necromantic orders. He participates in various battles involving Undead, including the Attack on Granemor and the Attack on the Temple of Hope.

Undead Braken

Once a powerful sea-creature. Died and now turn into this by Necrmancers.

The Undead Dragon

A dracolich - a dragon reanimated through the power of necromancy. It seems as though the Mysterious Necromancer spotted in Battleon has completed his work.

Undead Dragon

Drakath is a dracolich of pure evil intention!

Undead Fansarin

DEAD Cyberdrakel leader of the Drakel Power League.