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The Order of Alpha, usually referred simply to as the Order, is an organization formed to combat the threat of Makissar and his Carnax spawns. It is headed by Atlas Maxwell and the organisation has grown considerably since the Lorians' last visit.

Known members

  • Morgan (The Revenge Seeker) - Morgan is the daughter of Nicholas, she is also in a relationship with Edge.
  • Edge (The Forgotten One) - Morgan’s boyfriend and soon to be husband. Edge was a member of The Syndicate, when Stonerule fell he fought off Carnax spawn alone for over five years.
  • Hollow (The Loyal Follower) - Jess’s husband and loyal friend to Maxwell. Hollow created the worlds first Assault Mecha for the kingdom of Stonerule.
  • Jess (The Betrayed Assassin) - Maxwell’s sister, she killed the king and nearly killed Maxwell for revenge, only to find she was being used by her mentor. Jess killed her mentor and saved Maxwell’s life.
  • Maxwell (The Traveler of Time) - The Traveler of time, he has gained great deal of knowledge from his travels, and something else as well.
  • Anna (The Prophet’s Eye) - The Avatar of Lies, The Prophet’s true eye, with Anna he has insight on many things including what The Network is thinking.
  • Emma (The Trinity Binder) - Maxwell’s third daughter and youngest daughter.
  • Cor-Demi (The Great Prophet) - The great prophet, the seer of the future.
  • Cor-Demy (The Keeper of Keys) - Cor-Demi’s sister, the keeper of the keys and the creator of the Cor-Demi Codex.
  • Shiztrak (The Holy Warrior) - A Cor-Demian warrior from The Outlands.
  • Terul'sith - A Silari.

The Order's Allience

  • Tasha (The Trinity’s Sword) - Maxwell’s daughter who was raised by King Maxwell.
  • Max (The King of a Lost World) - King Maxwell, a younger Maxwell from an alternate reality
  • Rosa (The Trinity’s Soul) - Maxwell’s first daughter and the true Avatar of Truth.
  • A9M9 (The Keeper of Life) - An android that runs many processes on The Falcon.
  • Daniel (The Messenger) - Jess and Hollow’s son, in the future he travels to Earth and goes into hiding.
  • Cor-Dema (The Pilot) - The pilot of The Falcon and a close cousin to Cor-Demi and Cor-Demy.
  • Ares (Draco’s Flame) - The Leader of the Draco Clan, One of the few Anunnaki allied with The Order. Ares pilot’s The Basilisk.
  • Scakk a.k.a. Locke (The Hunted) - Anna'’s boyfriend and one of the many humans being hunted by The Network.
  • Ben (The Traitor) - Ben was once a member of the Syndicate, due to Ben betraying them he put Jess’s life in danger.


  • Hope - A Cor-demian lightship commandeered by The Order.
  • Truth - A Network ship, commandeered by Max and Tasha.

Note: It appears that the Basilisk have been attacked by the Network and its current status is unknown. Area, the pilot, and 30 other members not including Anna are reported missing.
Hope and Truth were later renamed by the Order to the Falcon and the Basilisk. The Basilsk can only be piloted by an Anunnaki, The Falcon’s pilot is Cor-Dema.