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The Prophet's Secret
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Carnax Saga
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The Prophet Arrives The Prophet's Son
What? A bounty-- on your head, Riona-- and set by the Reaper himself??
The Chosen

The Prophet's Secret is the fifth quest in the Carnax Saga.


«You»: It's been a while since the Prophet came along. I wasn't quite expecting someone like Riona Shadowgale, though.>

Moon Called walks in.

Moon Called: Ah, there you are! I wasn't sure where to find you.
Moon Called: A messenger came to town, sent by someone he never got a good look at. Said the person was wearing a red cloak.
«You»: Could it be?? She said she would send for me-- What was the message?
Moon Called: You are to go to the foot of Mount Furrowald as soon as possible. The messenger said it was of "dire importance"!

After a day's journey you come to Mount Furrowald...

«You»: Prophet! I am here, as you asked!

Riona appears.

«You»: Whoa, that was fast! You hide very well.
Riona: Yes, I suppose I do. The Talados survivors have become very good at hiding.
«You»: But why? Why have you stayed away from the rest of civilization so long? Why did you not warn us long ago of the possible return of Carnax?
Riona: Because-- we never knew when, or where it would happen. We HAVE tried to warn those who could do something. But we were always looked upon as storytellers.
Riona: How could we prove that we were from an island nation that had kept to itself so long? When Talados was destroyed and sank into the Sea, very few of your people felt our loss.
Riona: I-- I have someone you should meet.
Riona: Danail--?

Danail comes out.

Danail: Yes, Mommy?
Riona: This is my son. We have been traveling together for 5 years.
«You»: Alone? Just the two of you?
Riona: Yes, mostly. Sometimes we meet up with other survivors of Talados. For special occasions, such as anniversaries of the Great Scourge, or special discoveries one of us makes.
Riona: And, well, births. A new Taladosian is always important.
«You»: You are a people without a homeland, wandering around for decades now. Why not all build a town together?
Riona: Then-- then we would lose our past very quickly. Our identity would be swallowed by the world, by trade. Don't you see?
Riona: If we remain as nomads, our children will know and remember all that we teach them of our past. They will not lose our memories, the memories we pass down to them.
«You»: Your children should know more of the world than just what Talados was like, and how it was destroyed. Don't you think that is a dark, sad view of the world??
Riona: No. I do not.
«You»: Well, I can't tell you how to raise your child. So, remember when you said that you may have found a way to stop Carnax?
Riona: Indeed... Carnax may have a weakness. You see, the warriors of Talados had not even hurt the terrible creature.
Riona: It was only when the island began to collapse in to the sea that Carnax began to weaken. For so long my fellow survivors and I did not understand why...
Riona: But I heard several days ago that the Drakel had been mining a special stone from the southern coast. I tracked some of these stones to a shop in your hometown.
Riona: The shopkeeper, a burly man named Yulgar, called them Azru Stones. They looked just like a mineral deposit that was common in Talados.
Riona: But these stones had been polished by decades beneath the waves. I believe that if each of your warriors carries one of these stones into battle, Carnax can be weakened.
«You»: Weakened? You mean, you don't know of a real way to actually stop Carnax? Just weaken him?
Riona: It will give your lands more hope than we had in Talados.
Riona: We---- had none.
Danail: Mommy, I am getting that bad feeling again... Can we go now???

Zorbak appears.

Zorbak: Mehehehehe!!!! I see that this is going to be like taking candy from a baby for someone as ebil as me!!!!!!


«You»: Zorbak! Why are you attacking us with your undead minions?
Zorbak: Well, I was hoping to get the bounty that the Reaper put on this woman's head! But YOU had to go and ruin my fun! Bah!
«You»: What? A bounty-- on your head, Riona-- and set by the Reaper himself??
Riona: I can explain that quite easily, my friend. You see, I am one of the last survivors of a land that was destroyed by the cataclysmic release of Carnax.
Riona: We-- the last of the Taladosians-- are all supposed to be dead. Already.
Riona: It is no wonder that Death's physical presence itself is stalking us.
Riona: Thankfully, our children-- my son Danail included-- are not natives of Talados.
Zorbak: *ahem* This is all very emotional, but I should be going... We will meet again! meheheeeee!
Zorbak: AAKKK!

Zorbak falls down the mountain.

Riona: Thank you for helping me again. You always seem to be in the right place at the right time! I am sure we will meet again. Until then, take this as a little reward.

2 BATTLES {Rewards}

«You»: She disappeared! She should be a Ninja instead of a Prophet!! Well, time to go. I'm going to need to make sure I have an Azru Stone, and train a lot!

Even as you return home, you cannot help but remember the haunting look in the boy's eyes. He is wise beyond his 5 years, but feels sadness for an entire civilization. He must be so lonely, with only countless hours of stories about a land he will never see, and a monster you hope he never does...



  • Later information indicates that Riona was actually being hunted by the Reaper due to being Forsaken.


  • This quest was released on August 11th, 2005, along with Dark Sickness.

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