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The Prophet's Son
No longer available
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Carnax Saga
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The Prophet's Secret Carnax Rises
He's coming, Mommy. He told me that he's coming... very....soon...
—Danail Shadowgale

The Prophet's Son is the sixth quest in the Carnax Saga.


You can pick up up to 5 potions from a bag here.

«You»: The crystal hand on the monolith is glowing! Ever since it first exploded out of the ground here in Stonerule it has seemed steady.... something must be getting ready to happen.

Riona appears.

«You»: Riona! It's good to see you. The hand on the stone clock just started to glow!
Riona: I know. This thing is not a clock, though.
«You»: What do you mean?
Riona: It is what could be called a "Focus Nodule". I just spent a few hours consulting with your wizards Warlic and Jackel Sano.
Riona: They are both very familiar with the Ethereal Realm, the place that exists between the world we see and the world we cannot see.
Riona: THAT is where Carnax has been this whole time, since he vanished into the sea along with my homeland of Talados. But, you see, I am not here to tell you that...
Riona: I also learned something-- more frightening than I could have ever imagined. It concerns my son, Danail, whom you met before
«You»: Can you take your hood off? I can barely hear you.
Riona: Of course. But pay no heed to my emotions...
Riona: You see, I cry now not because of the violence which is about to befall you and your friends, but out of self-pity.

Riona cries.

Riona: Right now, my son awaits my return in our makeshift home in a cave on Mount Furrowald...

Scene changes to Danail in the cave, with Carnax appearing behind him.

Riona: Warlic told me that in order for a Focus Nodule to appear in our world, there needs to be someone who can anchor it here by sheer force of their belief.
Riona: And for the five years of my son's life, I have instilled in him countless hours of tales about our lost homeland of Talados, and of the horror that was Carnax.
Riona: I-- I gave my child belief in the terror of Carnax... a belief not tempered by the experience of having lived through it... His innocence became a pure place where Carnax could--

Scene goes back to the monolith.

Riona: So it was my son, his knowledge of the monster, and the belief I instilled in him, that has given Carnax a foothold in the world once again!
Riona: This-- horror-- that is about to unfold-- is my fault!
«You»: No, don't say that! It wasn't--
Riona: You will never understand the guilt that I feel... I must leave now, back to my dear Danail! I feel the Reaper returning with his minions again--
«You»: Go now, hurry! I will hold them off!
Riona: Be sure to get an Azru Stone from the shop as soon as you can! The stones will help you-- but there is something more that I can do. I will return!

Riona leaves.

1 BATTLE {Rewards}

«You»: The Reaper just won't give up on trying to take Riona!

The monolith starts glowing more than before.

«You»: Oh no-- that can't be good! Now the whole thing is glowing!

Scene changes back to the cave.

Riona: I'm here now, Danail, I'm here for you. I want you to know that whatever happens now, I will love you forever... I promise you that.
Danail: He's coming, Mommy. He told me that he's coming...very....soon...



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