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The Prophet Arrives
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Carnax Saga
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The Undead at the Monolith The Prophet's Secret
[...] and I have come from the faraway land of Talados to foretell of the Great Scourge.
—Riona Shadowgale

The Prophet Arrives is the fourth quest in the Carnax Saga.


Night in Stonerule...

???: It is a long and difficult journey, but at last I have reached the hallowed land of Stonerule.
???: Hmmm...yes... I can feel the vibrations in the fabric of the universe. This is indeed a place of great potent--
???: AND JUST how long have you been here? I wonder??
«You»: I'm sorry, but I didn't have much of a choice. I have been watching the monolith for a while now. Just who are you?
Riona: I am Riona Shadowgale, and I have come from the faraway land of Talados to foretell of the Great Scourge.
«You»: The Great Scourge? That sounds bad. What exactly does that mean, and where is Talados? I've never heard of it.
Riona: That's because Talados NO LONGER EXISTS. Nothing remains, save a few wandering souls. Such as myself.
Riona: It happened when I was a child... before the lands became more united by the growing power of Battleon and its loyal Adventurers and Guardians.
Riona: Talados was a rather remote place, its culture spirited and unique. But unknown to my people, a powerful evil was being nurtured by a secret guild of sorcerors.
Riona: They planned to use this terrible force to conquer the southern lands of the Continent. But before they even fully understood what they had created, it grew beyond their control.
Riona: The THING arose, and tore Talados apart. Most of my people died. Those who lived gave a name to this creature: CARNAX. In your language, this name means "Great Scourge".
Riona: The island of Talados sank below the waves, and Carnax with it, until everything vanished in a whirlpool of dark mystical forces.
«You»: So you are one of the last survivors of Talados. Why would you come this far just to warn us about Carnax?
«You»: We were able to decode the monolith's runes and see that it is counting down to Carnax's arrival.
Riona: How did you know of Carnax before today??
«You»: Our archmage, Warlic, had discovered an evil force here, that existed in some kind of half-formed state. Some of our greatest heroes have been able to defeat it.
Riona: Defeat? Defeat Carnax? I am afraid you do not understand the nature of your enemy, even if you now understand who the enemy is.
Riona: I have not come just to warn you. I would not come just for that. If there was no other reason, it would be hopeless...
Riona: There have been few things of greater importance the survivors of Talados have thought of over the years, than the ultimate way to destroy Carnax.
«You»: Well that's great! How can we beat him once and for all??
Riona: I said we have been THINKING about it, not that we actually figured it out.
Riona: But I know of a possibility--
«You»: Oh no-- Riona, watch out!!

The Reaper approaches Riona.


Riona: As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, there have been rumors that the rock beneath Talados-- which crumbled when the island fell into the sea--
Riona: --may possess a powerful magic force that could weaken Carnax.
«You»: That's great, but like I said, our mightiest warriors have been able to keep Carnax at bay so far.
Riona: You still do not understand what you are up against. The Carnax you have been fighting is only a GHOST, an AVATAR. It is only a fraction of Carnax's true strength.
«You»: So what are--
Riona: I'm sorry, I must go now. There is something I must do. When the time comes I will send for you.
Riona: Take this as a reward for your help so far.

Level 0-25: Treasure Chest
Level 26-50: Big Treasure Chest
Level 51+: Treasure Hoard

Riona: I will not let the fate of Talados befall your lands....
Riona: ...I will do whatever it takes. But you must promise to do the same...

Riona vanishes and you return to Battleon.



  • This quest was released on August 3rd, 2005.

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