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The Prophet Returns
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Carnax Saga
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I am back in the world of the Living, and at long last I see a smile on my son's face! And it is all because of you! Thank you, my friend!
—Riona Shadowgale

The Prophet Returns is the eighth quest of the Carnax Saga and the conclusion to the "Present" half of the saga.


Ghost: Do you see me?? If you do, come closer. I need your help-- you may be my only hope!
Riona: I am Riona Shadowgale.
You: The Prophet who came to warn us that the Great Scourge Carnax was awakening?? B-but you sacrificed your life to break your son's psychic bond with Carnax!
You: If it weren't for you we would have lost the battle! You-- YOU DIED!
Riona: Yes. And that is why you can see right through me now. Listen to me, for I do not know how long you will be able to hear my voice...
Riona: I am trapped in a place I can only call Nowhere. In order to escape, Death offered me a quest. I was to collect Death's lost hourglasses...
Riona: ...but as I went about this task, I found that Death was never planning to live up to his end of the bargain. Death had also given a task to another newcomer to his realm:
Riona: CARNAX! Carnax was sent after me, to prevent me from fulfilling my goal and collecting the hourglasses. Now the beast has me cornered.
You: How can I help you? You're trapped somewhere that I can't get to!!
Riona: Ahh, just use your imagination.
You: ......
Riona: That's right... all you need to do in order to help me.. is DIE.
You: Hehe. Sorry, but I will need to think this over... Give me 80 years and I will get back to you.
Riona: You will be able to return to life, I promise you! It is only I who Death is trying to keep from leaving. My entire race was nearly destroyed by Carnax long ago.
Riona: I have been cheating Death ever since. I am one of the last survivors of Talados, so Death sees me as a prize to keep. But I NEED to escape this place, and be reunited with my son!
You: Well...okay. But I hope you're right! So how do I go about dying, anyway?
Riona: Go let that little creature over there kill you.
You: ..... okay.

1 BATTLE: Rock Man

«If you win...»
Riona: What are you doing back here? You are supposed to let the monster kill you.
Riona: Go back and try again! Or if you don't want to enter Death's Lair and try to save me, you can go home.
  • Fight Rock Man again
  • Go to Battleon

«If you lose...»

You: Whoa... this place is eerie. Something about it seems familiar though.
You: AAAHH!! Y--you're Death, I suppose?
DEATH: Welcome to my domain. You owe me some favors, and I have a task for you. Listen carefully to my instructions.
You: I-- sorry to interrupt you, but I'm not here for myself. I'm here for someone else.
DEATH: Huh? What do you mean? No one ever comes here unless I want them to!
You: Well, I think if you check your list, if you have one, that you'll see my death today was unscheduled.
DEATH: Hmm... wait right here.

You: Heh... I'm not going anywhere.
You: This is ridiculous. I'm used to politics, but there's even red tape to deal with down here!
You: This is worse than waiting in line at the DMV (Department of Mounted Vertebrates)!

You: Finally! You kept me waiting forever.
DEATH: Ahem... "Forever" is a relative term in this place, friend. Anyway, I DID find your name on my list, but then I checked it twice, and saw that you are in fact EARLY.
You: Well, good! Where did you learn that "checking it twice" trick? I heard that somewhere before...
DEATH: One of my mentors, with considerably more flesh, a bushy white beard and better clothing once taught me that.
You: So, can I start looking for my friend now?
DEATH: Well, what friend might this be?
You: I don't think I should tell you that. DEATH: Okay then, have it your way. I will show you 8 portals you can use to search my domain.
You: Great! Let's get started!
DEATH: You must first find a portal to a cemetery, then find a portal to a dungeon. The odds are stacked against you, just the way I like it!

You reach the 8 portals. Each Portal takes you to a different element.

You: Wow, I never would have expected to find something like THIS in Death's lair!

Level 0-25: Evil Eye / Sickly Zombie
Level 26-50: Undead Mage / Zombie Knight
Level 51+: Elder Vampire / Skull Swarm / Vampire Warrior

You: I should have packed some warmer armor...

Level 0-25: Glayser / Icezard
Level 26-50: Two-Bear / IceShifter / BlizZard
Level 51+: Snow BunnyZard / Rock Man

You: *glub* *glub glub*

Level 0-25: Blecch / Malgru / TadZard
Level 26-50: Malgru / Mermazon / WhaleZard
Level 51+: Braken / Sarkanian

You: Anybody have a nice cool glass of lemonade?

Level 0-25: Firebird / Firezard
Level 26-50: Magman / InfernoZard
Level 51+: Forgah / Phoenix / Ultra Akriloth

You: Aww, I hate it when I get sand in my potions!

Level 0-25: RayZard / Sunray
Level 26-50: Cyclops / Glow Worm / Prismix
Level 51+: Bright Sunray / Cyclops Chieftain / Sun-Eater

You: What kind of crazy things would want to live up here???

Level 0-25: Windzard / The Bloatt
Level 26-50: Cloudzard / Griffin
Level 51+: Skeeter / Sphinx

You: How does that one fairy tale go, about the big bad wolf--?

Level 0-25: Werewolf Warrior
Level 26-50: Alpha Werewolf / Werewolf Warrior
Level 51+: Alpha Werewolf / Werewolf Warrior

You: ???????????????

Level 0-25: Brigling / Energyzard / Zzott
Level 26-50: Gargoyle / Lectro / Stormzard
Level 51+: Energy Dragon / Lectro / Zzzzzzott

You: So much for resting a bit! I'm beginning to wonder whether I will EVER find Riona again!
Riona: Wonder no more...
Riona: I am here.
You: Riona! Thank goodness-- now we can get out of here!
You: ..........
You: How do we get out of here?
Riona: Simple. We fight and defeat the ghost of Carnax.
You: Oh.
Riona: I know, it is a daunting task. I wish I could say something to raise your spirits.
You: Hehe. LOL
Riona: ??????
You: You said "Raise your spirits".
Riona: *smiles politely*
You: Where do we find the ghost of Carnax?
Riona: Right now he has gone to replenish his energy in the hourglass of Kerylon. He left that creature you just defeated to keep me here.
You: How are we going to beat him though??
Riona: Now that you are here, I am able to draw on your mental energies and charge up my own powers. I will help you fight him!
You: Sorry, one more question: How can Carnax be INSIDE an hourglass??
Riona: It's a BIG hourglass. Come, we've no time to waste-- the portal is this way!

1 BATTLE: Ghost of Carnax

You go back to the Carnax's stone body.

You: Unbelievable! I'm back here again! But I don't see anyone else...Did I just do all that for nothing? Or was it some kind of dream??
Riona: It was a NIGHTMARE...
Riona: ...But from now on, my life shall be a dream!
Riona: I am back in the world of the Living, and at long last I see a smile on my son's face!
Riona: And it is all because of you! Thank you, my friend!

Riona Shadowgale and her son Danail are reunited, a family once again.

The Ghost of Carnax remains trapped in Death's lair. But despite that Carnax found relief in his own death... Many heard the beast's last breath: "I've failed you my master... My nightmare ends... I am free."

And so a mystery remains.

Who is the master of Carnax, if Carnax destroyed the civilization that created him long ago?

You return to Battleon.


  • Death does tell you what to do, but it is a little ambiguous. What you need to do is find the Cemetery portal and do that one. Then try another portal. If that portal is NOT the Dungeon portal, you must go back and do the Cemetery portal again, then try a DIFFERENT portal. You must find the Dungeon portal immediately after doing the Cemetery port. They must be done one after the other.
  • The Cemetery portal is the bottom portal on the right. The Dungeon portal is the second portal to the left of the Cemetery portal (the next portal closest to the bottom of the screen after the Cemetery portal).


  • This quest was released on October 13, 2005.

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