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The Red Fog
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The Devourer Saga
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Okay, it's official... I hate that stuff.
—The Chosen

The Red Fog, also known as Epic Quest 2, is the second quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 4.


On Sage Uldor's request, the Chosen reaches Darkovia Forest and comes across the Vampire Queen, Safiria, who is asked about the Red Fog. Unknowingly, however, the Chosen summons the Red Fog and his health deteriorates. After the fog dissipates, the Queen explains that those are magic words and lets the Chosen return to Battleon with only a warning.


Following Sage Uldor's request, you travel by horseback one day to the edge of Darkovia. Your mount refuses to go further, and you go the rest of the way, to the easternmost point of the forest, on foot...

The section in red occurs if you are a Werewolf, Werepyre, or Dracopyre.

«Scene: Darkovia Forest.»

«You»: Every time I come back to this place I get the creeps....
Safiria: Hhhaaaaahhhh......Velcome to my woodsss, trespasser. I can sense that--
Safiria: My minions, ATTACK!!

Full Heal after each battle

Safiria: Mmmmm.... amazing. I am quite impressed you are still alive. Perhaps one day you will consider curing your lycanthropy and joining ME.
Safiria: —You are here for a noble intention. But what would draw you to my home? Some foolish errand perhaps? One of those quests you are so fond of?
Safiria: Or something more?
«You»: I came here to simply ask you a question, Queen Safiria.
Safiria: What sort of question? This had better be important. I have places to plunder and people to eat...
«You»: *ahem* Okay then here goes: What is the source of the Red Fog?
Safiria: !!!!!
«You»: Uh, is everything alright?? What's wrong?
Safiria: You are quite the innocent fool to utter those words. If you are still here when I return, I will tell you the secret. But you may be able to guess.
«You»: What do you mean, 'if I am still here'?

Safiria disappears.

«You»: What on Lore did she mean by that??

The Red Fog approaches and makes contact with you. You lose a small portion of health.

«You»: Oww!! What the—?? It seems to be pulling the life from my body!!

As the Fog continues to go past you, your HP continues to fall until it completely passes you, by which time you have lost 520 HP in total.

«You»: Okay, it's official... I hate that stuff.

Safiria reappears.

Safiria: Ah, you are still standing. You must be sure to get fully healed before you fight any monsters.
«You»: Well, I'm waiting for you to answer that question that I had.
Safiria: Why, isn't it obvious? What you have just seen was called into existence by YOU, when you mentioned its name.
«You»: What?? You mean when I said 'Red F—
Safiria: —ah ah ah— don't say it again.
«You»: How is that possible?
Safiria: Some places in the world are like this. They hold their own magic, which can be called forth using words of power.
«You»: Okay, now that I know that, what am I supposed to do with that knowledge??

The scene zooms in on Safiria.

Safiria: That, my dear, is a question for your Sage, or perhaps the Archmage Warlic. Now, you had better leave here before I decide that you will make a good dinner...

  • Okay!!


[This quest was revised with updated tiers in March 2020. The following information may not reflect current gameplay.]


  • This quest was released on July 29th, 2005, alongside Sage Uldor.

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