The Temple of Hope
The Devourer Saga, Hope
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The Temple of Hope is the twenty-fifth quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 41.


«Scene: The back room in Yulgar's Inn»

Galanoth: While we have dealt with the immediate threat of Bradakhan we have heard unsettling rumours from Greenguard forest about the Drakel presence increasing in the Skraeling Desert.
«You»: What are they up to? Why Skraeling? Do we never get even a moments peace?
Cyrus: The force that is behind all these events is greater then any I have previously encountered. It is a divisive power that seeks to dirupt us in anyway possible.
Galanoth: I have received word from one of the Knights of Lorithia, a man named Thorne Lorin, that the orcs near Greenguard have requested his help.
«You»: Orcs? Seeking human help? And who are these knights of Lorithia?
Galanoth: As for the knighthood its purpose should probably be explained to you by one other than I. The Orcs, however, if they are seeking aid, must be in serious trouble.
Galanoth: They are a proud race not given to calls for help. Go to Greenguard and see if you can find Thorne and seek to offer him help.
Galanoth: Then we can both investigate the activity of the Drakel in Skraeling.

What would you like to do?

  • Go to Greenguard
  • Go back


«You»: Loremaster! What are you doing in Greenguard-- and so far from your Library on Isle d'Oriens?
Falerin: History unfolds here-- not in the middle of my cramped quarters on Isle D'Oriens.
«You»: ...
Falerin: I might ask you the same question. Surely there are better things for one such as you to be doing than skulking in Greenguard.
«You»: Galanoth has sent me to find a man named Thorne Lorin and offer our aid. He has come to help the Orcs of Greenguard.
Falerin: You have arrived late. Lorin has alredy left with the Orc Chieftain's son Culak and his friend, an Elf named Kendrel.
«You»: Wait-- an Orc with elven friends? You are kidding, right?
Falerin: Kendrel would be as quick to kill you for insulting the Orcs as he would you insulting his own nobles.

  • *Gulp*

Falerin: You find unity strange. That is because The'Galin has already done his work. There are those even here that wish to resist him.
Falerin: Galrick you may come out....

Galrick comes out from behind a tree

«You»: Who is he, and what is that he's wearing?
Falerin: Galrick son of Glenn, citzen of the Island Nation of Neld, I present you with one of Battleon's protectors, and denizen of Battleonia.
Galrick: Traveller, do we have time for these pleasantries? If the key to understanding what is happening is to be found with Tralin then this is not the place to be standing.
Falerin: I have already told you, Galrick, that while the Traveller is one of my agents, I am not he.
«You»: Tralin? Traveler?
Falerin: As for you Galrick, I may have saved you from The'Galin's service in Sentar, but your job is far from over so I suggest....
«You»: Hello!? I am still standing here.
Falerin: Fine. There is much to say and little time to say it so sit back and listen carefully....

  • Okay...

It becomes night

.... Many Hours later...

«You»: so let me get this straight. You are not a half-elf at all. You are from another world and are a...

Falerin raises his staff

Falerin: Do not speak it. It is best that my nature on Caelestia be forgotten. It will help no-one and may actually hinder us.

He lowers his staff

«You»: Right... so you are from another world. You traveled here to find and help stop the Devourer because this is the world from which he originally arose.
Falerin: Not perfect in the details, but in the essence correct. The'Galin threatens all worlds and from here he will launch his assault on others eventually threatening my own.
Falerin: That is something we cannot allow.
«You»: And Eldron is not dead...
Falerin: Far from it.
«You»: But you said that was his skull...
Falerin: I said that it was the Skull of Eldron the Good. Indeed it is, it belongs to him.
«You»: Fine fine. So now what is it you want? If we are too late to find Thorne... what should we do now?
Falerin: Galrick will travel with you to Deren-- well, more correctly, to the island off its shore.
«You»: Wait, what? Deren? Galrick: You are not coming?!
Falerin: Yes, Deren, and no I have duties elsewhere. I cannot afford to be gone from Isle d'Oriens in any length.
«You»: How do we get to Deren?
Falerin: I have made arrangements for passage for you. You will follow along this route until you come to the Cor-Dem stone. Once there I trust you can figure things out.

  • Ummm

«You»: Wait! How could you make arrangements without knowing we were...

Falerin disappears

«You»: ...
Galrick: I hate it when he does that.
«You»: Now let me get this straight. Your country was at war and the enemy had all but defeated you?
Galrick: That's right.
«You»: So you cried out for revenge and accepted to this Devourer?
Galrick: Correct...
«You»: And now Falerin wants us to travel together?
Galrick: So it seems.
«You»: With no further explanation whatsoever?
Galrick: He rarely ever offers any.
«You»: I really want to smack him senseless...
Galrick: A feeling I have felt myself on more occasions than can be counted.

What would you like to do? Each step you take gets you closer to your goal!

  • Explore Greenguard
  • Go back, I'm tired...

RA Earth Monsters

After the first six battles, you are slowly healed to full, the background becomes a bit lighter, and you receive a message:

What would you like to do? You are a little closer to your goal.

  • Have Galrick join you in battle
  • Continue Exploring
  • Go back, I'm tired

What would you like to do now? You have come too far to quit now.

  • Continue Exploring
  • Go back, I'm tired...

What would you like to do now? Galrick has a feeling you are near something important...

  • Continue Exploring
  • Go back, I'm tired...

What would you like to do? Do not give up noe!

  • Continue exploring
  • Go back, I'm tired...

What would you like to do? As night becomes day, things become clearer...

  • Continue Exploring
  • Go back, I'm tired

What would you like to do? Galrick saw something strange just over a nearby hill!

  • Continue Exploring
  • Go back, I'm tired

The inactive Cor-Dem gate

You and Galrick arrive at a circular grey stone with eight runes around the edge

«You»: What do you suppose this is?
Galrick: I do not know exactly, but I do recognize from something I saw elsewhere. They are Cor-Demian.

Falerin appears

Falerin: It is ready for the key.
«You»: Wait, what? Galrick: The key?

Falerin disappears

«You»: ... Galrick: ...
Galrick: Now what?
«You»: I guess we have to figure out this key.
Galrick: Okay-- activate the runes in the right order. If you miss several times in a row, I will help.

You activate the runes by clicking on them. You can also click a button that says "Go back, I'm tired..." to return to town at any time. Every ten incorrect tries, Galrick will give you the next rune, accompanied by the following messages:

The activated gate

Galrick: I think I can help. Maybe if you started with one of these?

Galrick: Hmmm...this is a tricky puzzle. Maybe if you try this one next...
Galrick: Still can't get it? Did you try this one?
Galrick: Maybe if you try the lighter blue after the dark one?
Galrick: Maybe this grey one does something...
Galrick: This one is gold, that's got to be a good sign
Galrick: Are you sure you're trying them in the order that i'm [sic] suggesting?
Galrick: Well, I don't have any more hints to give, after this stone, you're on your own!

When you activate the correct sequence, all of the runes light up and a portal appears in the center of the circle. Clicking on it takes you to The Temple of Hope.


  • The correct order for the runes is red, blue, green, cyan, grey, yellow, white, purple. They respectively represent fire, water, earth, ice, wind, energy, light, and darkness.
  • After this quest has been completed once, selecting it in the quest log will give you the option to replay it or go directly to the Temple.
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