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The Eternal

The Eternal is a man that dedicated his life watching on the clock that will announce when The'Galin shall come .

The Huntress

The Huntress is a woman that dedicated her life hunting the Network .

Diviara Celegra

Diviara Celegra was once The'Galin's forces's general, but abandoned his post when his own army killed his brother .

Giliara Celegra

Giliara Celegra is a good Brilhado against the Devourer. Unfortunately, he was killed.

Galrick Glenn

Glenn Galrick was once loyal to the Devourer, but Falerin converted him to the side of unity.

Falerin Ardendor

Falerin Ardendor is the Loremaster from Isle of D'Oriens. He comes from another world and is a Caelestian .

Eldron the Good

Eldron the good is a friend of Falerin.

King Tralin

King Tralin is the King of Deren.


Nel is a friend of King Tralin and the Loremaster from the library of the Temple of Hope .


Gouvernor Darin is the leader of K'eld Ner.


Nightbane was once one of the greatest agents of the Devourer, but was converted to the side of unity by his daughter Cenera and the player .


Wolfwing is Nightbane's father. He is good friends with Dewlok.


Dewlok is a smart Moglin that knows very much about The Devourer .

The Avatars

The avatars, or the Annunaki can be trusted to help the side of unity against the Devourer .

The player

The main enemy of the Devourer is ... you!


Lorithia is the creator of the World of Lore, that once fell in love with The'Galin. Her appearance-the sign that Hope still existed-caused The'Galin to spare Lore.