Transdimensional realities, usually shortened as TDRs, are analoguous planes of existence and an essential part of the multiverse. They encompass entire universes.

Deeply connected to the concept of analogues, TDRs are a direct result of time: their existence is entirely subject to its propensity to divergence and convergence, producing or unifying timelines if changes are too great or too small, respectively, working in the same way that analogues do.

However, though sufficient similar TDRs will reach a point where they will become one, a pre-emptive separation can also actively be enforced by an adequatly effective event in the timeline. Such one event was Cysero's borrowing of a Time Booth to travel from AdventureQuest’s timeline (relatively situated five years into DragonFable’s future) to bring a DragonLord to fight the Exodus titan. Such was "a moment of realities converging on each other and growing close enough for convergence had [their] closeness artificially amplified and then effectively eliminated by alterations to the time streams"[1], according to Falerin*DheEhm.

Known TDRs

Several TDRs have been shown in-game:

  • AdventureQuest's main setting.
  • "Mirror Lore" - An alternate Lore central to the Bizarre Flecks Saga's first part, in which most elements were almost total opposites to that of Main Lore.
  • "Centerprise Lore" - A TDR where Lore's inhabitants have especialized in technology (and space travel) rather than magic.
  • The world of DragonFable made several appearances.



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