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Transmogrified Water of Immortality
Level: 120
Power Level: 120
Location: Transient Immortality
Price: 961,252 Gold
Sellback: 480,626 Gold
Element: Water
Cost: 360* SP
Effect: None
You were splashed by the Pool of Immortality in No Man's Land, and now you can call the waters themselves! While this water no longer confers immortality, it still retains some of its healing power!
Damage: 32-97 plus 228% Stat Bonus** each
Attack Type: Magic
BTH: +N/A (always hits)
Hits: 3
Element: Heal


The spell gains =*0.85*0.9 damage, divided by three because there are three hits (already applied to in the entry, total original damage was 127-380 plus 892% Stat Bonus)

*If you don't have enough SP to cast the spell, your turn automatically ends (pets and guests still attack)
**Stat bonus to damage is END/8 

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