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Race: Moglin
Gender: Male
Affiliation: smbDoll
Appears in: The SeekRat Saga
Location: Yulgar's Inn and Guardian Tower
Fishies fell fwum the sky by the hundweds, and ice cweam mountains gwew fwum the ground!! It wuv beeeyoootiful!!! ooooohhhhh... droooool...
—Twig, A Day at the Inn

Twig is a yellow moglin who wears a red bandana and the Avatar of Peace.

He is always saying he like fish & ice-cream. Twig was formerly smbDoll's personal Moglin. His owner left him out in the Guardian Tower for too long, though. Twig can be found in the teleporter room, which is located in the Guardian Tower, where he plays with the teleporter and sometimes get teleported to Yulgar's Inn.


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With the MogBusters

Although Twig's against it, he is the test subject to the MogBusters' experiments. During an experiment, Twig was almost, according to the scientists' theories, devoured by piranhas . However, he was won over, through manipulation and the fact it was a big fish ( he is obsessed with fish and ice-cream).

So, he, without hesitation jumped into the water and battled the large piranha. To everyone's surprise, he emerged victorious. When he came back on land with his stomach getting a meal instead of becoming one, leaving the two moglin testers puzzled.



The SeekRat Saga

  1. The Terrible 12 War
  2. Cat-Astrophe!
  3. Conquest & Cat-Napping!
  4. The Final Countdown!

Other Quests/Events

  1. April Fool's 2008
  2. The Devourer Saga: A Day at the Inn
  3. Great Fire War: Binal Battle!
  4. DrakelCube P
  5. Frostval 2010: Tydlee Wynx Attacks!
  6. Insectozards!
  7. MogBusters!: Twig FTW!
  8. MogBusters!: Twig's Dilemma!
  9. MogBusters! - Where do Xyfrags come from??
  10. Mogloween 2006
  11. Mysterious Crater
  12. Snugglefest 2008
  13. The Trouble with Trobbles


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