Undead are creatures who have died and been brought back to life by Necromancers, such as Obsidia, The Mysterious NecromancerZorbak, and Kabroz . Usually, undead are humanoid (presumably because humanoid creatures are the most common beings on Lore); however, dragons, Ribbers, and Zards, among other creatures, have been brought back to life. They typically have strong immunity to elemental darkness and strong weakness to elemental light light. Undead usually appear either as skeletal monsters or half-decayed creatures.

Some undead, such as the Fundead Dragon, are amalgamations of various undead created by necromancers.

Many undead are just nameless monsters that are recruited by various agents of evil as foot soldiers. However, some monsters, like Doc Sawbones and Demios, are powerful enough to be villains in their own right.

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