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Undead Axe of the Sun
Level: 110
Power Level: 110
Location: Edge of Extinction and Paladin Class Shop
Price: 338,555 Gold
Sellback: 169,277 Gold
Element: Light
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 17 - 35
BTH: +14
This super-sharp axe does bonus damage to undead enemies! A favored weapon of Paladin Artix Krieger.
Damage: 279.50% Base and Random each, 137.67% Lucky Strike damage each
Attack Type: Ranged
BTH: +46 each
Hits: 6
Rate: 10%
Element: Light


None of these are factored into the numbers above Against Undead Monsters:

    • Normal Player Attacks do 105.06% damage and gains +4 BTH.
    • Weapon Specials do 100.54% damage and gains +8 BTH.

Against Non-Undead Monsters:

  • If you're a Paladin:

No downtrigger.

  • If you're a Necromancer:

Normal Player attacks do 94.44% damage and take -4 BTH.
Weapon Specials do 99.35% damage and take -8 BTH.

  • If you're any other Class:

Normal Player attacks deal 97.29% damage and take -2 BTH.
Weapon Specials do 99.69% Damage and take -4 BTH.


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