Unity is located on the far right of the Moral Compass.

Unity is an alignment found on the moral compass. Though it confers no combat benefits, it is used in the Devourer Saga to determine certain interactions with certain key characters. 

General Uses of Unity

Unity recognizes that the traditional elemental rivalries are weaker than far more palpable threats. Unity does not oppose clans in competition, nor individuals fighting amongst each other, but it does oppose the rampant unchecked corruption and decay that threatens to devour Paxia at a moments notice. So, no Unity does not seek complete peace on Paxia, far from it.Unity is aware that complete peace can never be achieved. Rather it seeks to be a force to defend Paxia from the forces that would destroy it. ​Presently Unity functions as a direct democracy. There are no elected representatives, decisions are made by the plurality. It is possible that over time Unity may shift its governance to be more similar to the clans with elected councils. So overall, it is said that Unity is the most important alignment as most protagonists are for the good which is shown on the unity/good side of the moral compass.

Use in the Devourer Saga

Combat-wise, it confers no benefits. It does, however, change how certain NPCs view the Chosen. Story-wise, choosing Unity means that the Chosen is working to unite various disparate factions against the Devourer and his Network.

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