Kerilas a Telepathic Vampragon.

The vampragon, or "vampire dragon," is a creature with mysterious origins. They flew into the lands of Lore about the same time the Order of VampireSlayers set up shop in Darkovia. There are many different varieties and some unique individual vampragons. Currently, wild vampragons make their home in the caves of Vamprook Spyre under the protection of dragons.


There is some speculation as to how the vampragon was created. Two schools of thought dominate such speculation. First, it is believed the vampiric curse was somehow transferred to dragonkind, either accidentally or through the willful actions of a vampire clan.

The belief that vampires had accidentally created vampragons is supported by the way vampragons have nested in the Vamprook Spyre. Without any outside intervention, the vampragons have successfully mated and to continue to breed at an explosive rate. The oldest breeds of dragonkind, the wyrms, have taken to protecting the vampragons as their own brood. Vampires would not have allowed one of their creations to become independent.

The second school of speculation supports a theory that the Order of VampireSlayers experimented with dragons and vampire bats to create an animal to serve the Slayers on their mission. Observations that Vampire Slayers use a breed of vampragon, the huntragon, support this theory. The Order, however, denies such claims.


The Fire Vampragon is the most prolific domesticated breed. This allows almost anyone to be to purchase one. Also, there has been a deviation in this breed. The wild fire vampragons have brown or tan wings, but those being bred in captivity have wings with black topsides.

The Light Vampragon is the most prolific breed in the wild. Found throughout an area spanning from the Northern Wastelands to the south of the Greenguard Forest, this breed is turning out to be quite a pest to travelers.

Huntragons are one of the most intelligent breeds, and are kept closely by the Order of VampireSlayers. It is nearly impossible for a non-Slayer to purchase this breed. Adventurers have spotted a wild version. Nesting in the Vamprook Spyre, this breed has slightly different markings but seems to be in every way equal to the huntragon.

The most formidable vampragon is the firelight breed. Only advanced trainers can handle this breed, which is extremely aggressive. Only the huntragons seem to get along with firelight vampragons. All other breeds must be kept separate from them.

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