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There are numerous of villains in AdventureQuest, as stated below.


Mysterious necromancer

File:Mysterious necromancer.png


  • First identity: Diviara
  • Second identity: unknown

The mysterious necromancer was previously Diviara the Brilhado, but after the war on Deren he abandoned the position. A new necromancer has become the mysterious necromancer, and it has been said that there will always be a Mysterious Necromancer, as it is a name of mystery and anyone can be it.

  • Attacked Battleon
  • Reanimated Drakath and Stragath

Doc Sawbones

Once a true doctor who helped save lives, when this man died his soul was bought from the Reaper a Mysterious Necromancer, who now employs him to collect the dead from his armies of undead.


Nurse Botoxia

When they were alive, Nurse Botoxia and Doc Sawbones were a renowned medical team who saved the lives of kings and queens. Now undead, the two enjoy a somewhat alternative lifestyle.


The Drakons



Main story of the Great Fire War: AdventureQuest Storyline

  • Nearly ruled the world.
  • Turned Artix into Evil Artix, an evil fire knight temporarily.
  • Killed during The Great Fire War.


Warlord and Commander of Drakonnan's forces, he was killed for killing Galanoth's brother, Demento. His brother, Xarav, was much more powerful than Varax was.

Drakonnan Jr.

Drakonnan had a son, that was revealed in the Sinister Seven event, having the same name as his father, "Drakonnan". His mother is unknown. He is weaker than his father, but wants the same thing as his father wanted, power.



Drakonnas was brother of the great fire mage Drakonnan that tried to rule over the world. He survived Akriloth's attacks and became a strong wizard of the Energy Realm, in time, but not so tough like his brother. He also participated at an smaller plan, of revenge, Drakonnan's revenge, to destroy the City of Battleon, but failed. In that plan they used Akriloth in an undead form. A form of Drakonnas is available at the Wizard games event. He participated at the Sinister Seven alliance. Drakonnan didn't possess any "ranked officer”, like his brother, even the energy realm has very powerful creatures that could help him rule. Maybe the energy realm don't have intelligent creatures, or because Drakonnas don't have so an massive army that would need help to control it. It isn't known if Drakonnan is older or twin with Drakonnas. No one knows how or when he got his powers.


Callladusur7.jpg Calladus was an seeker that turned to dark magic long ago,and now has the ability to control darkness dragons. The seeker hunts guardians, but Calladus hunts Lore's greatest heroes. In Zhilo's and Galanoth's fight, Calladus nearly killed them. But the player defeats him. He participated at the Sinister Seven event.



Sila is the serpent witch that captured Warlic's teacher : Xarymandias, in order to capture all his powers . Sila was in an 10 floors tower, on every floor beign an artifact . Xarymandias was rescued . She then participated at the Sinister seven event . Sila has all elements power : water, ice, fire, earth, wind, darkness, light and energy, but she carried the prime light orb . Sila is an powerful serpent witch . She controls an large army of elemental magic monsters, like : griffins, sphinxs, undead mages, drakel fire mages, drakel ice mages and other magic creatures .



For years this failed wizard's apprentice, Dilwod Sackelberry,has been perfecting his mad experiments; a strain of mutant Zards to obey him. He plans to create an army of them and one day overthrow humanity, believing that Zards deserve to rule Lore. There's a fact that he's using a Vampire Weapon. He participated at the Sinister Seven event.

Zard X

The Zard X is the Zardmaster's chosen mutant for leading his first attack. His color is white.

Zard X-2

The Zard X-2 is an the Zardmaster's chosen mutant for leading his second attack. His color is blue, and it has also been known that he tried to kill the Zardmaster after the Zardmaster attempted an experiment for abominations on it.

Zard X-3

The Zard X-3 is an the Zardmaster's chosen mutant for leading his third attack. His color is swamp green.


Nepto0xp.jpg Nepto is an fish-man that wanted to rule the under-sea world. He caused an war between Sarkanians and Mermazons by saying to mermazons that the Sarkanians capture the Mermazon princess and to Sarkanians that the mermazon captured the Sarkanian prince. But in fact, the prince and the princess run to the Pherons in order to marry each-other. Nepto informs the player that the Pherons are evil and that they captured the prince and the princess. But the player realize in final that Nepto was evil, and defeats him. He participated at the Sinister Seven event.

Jack Frost

Untitledbz6.jpg The Prince of the Frost Kingdom. He is son of King Frost, but his mother is unknown. He assembled the Prime Ice Orb, and wanted to make Winter for eternity. He participated at the Sinister Seven event. He have an dreadly ability to absorb fire.

King Frost

C77B956AD4CA4CE08644F761C5E9B62B.jpg Father of Jack Frost, he was killed in the final battle at Icefall. His wife is unknown, maybe Queen Frost or the Nightmare Queen? Frost is the royal family. He has a dreadly ability to absorb fire.

Sandy Claws

Sandyclawsyr5.jpg Sandy claws the clawg is the most powerful Clawg in The World of Lore and the leader of the clawg race, even controlling an large part of crabees. He is friend with Frosty the Snow Golem. He have as commander Bliksem, a powerful ice clawg. He captured the frost moglins. After King Frost's fall, he leaved Jack Frost's army acting again of his own accord.


EA1157FA62194935AA51C39F03CE50E6.jpg Bliksem is an ice Clawg that commands other clawgs, in command of Sandy Claws.

Clawg army



Ice Clawg

Ice Crabee

Elite Clawg

Frosty the Snow Golem

Frosty is the most powerful Snow Golem (and the only one) created by Zorbak to destroy Frostvale. Frosty is no longer under command of Zorbak, but he does what he need to do to destroy Frostvale. The Jotun Tribe is under his rule. He also controls other frost creatures like :Frost Giants ; Ice Dragons ; and many others.

Frosty 80.jpg


Donder is the Warmaster of the Jotun Tribe under command of Frosty.


Jotun Tribe

Jotun Warrior

Jotun Sheevite

Jotun Commander



Stragath was an powerful demon that was killed by Artix and Vampireslayer E, but was then reanimated by the Mysterious Necromancer. He was then defeated again and imprisoned in the Underworld or Hell (known in the game as Heck). A portal to his cursed world was open by Zorbak and Stragath nearly escaped along with his army of demons, but was stopped by the player. Afterwards, Danny T. accidentally knocked his beloved Bernice's soul into Heck while attempting to save her from Death. Zorbak, who witnesses the scene, recruits the player to rescue Bernice in Heck. The player encounters Stragath, who introduces a whole new type of demon and orders Bernice to the back of his demon hordes while he prepares to conquer Battleon. The player rescues Bernice and defeats the stragglers of Stragath's army,while Galanoth, Artix, and Warlic take care of the main hordes. Warlic captures a Big Red demon and looks for Stragath while the player beats the Big Red. Stragath appears and the player either fights and defeats him again (this time more powerful than before) or Warlic expels Stragath to Heck, defeating him again. He and Ghin, the AntiGuardian, had a deal to merge to a demon warrior and beat the player and then later, beat Seekrat.

Powers and Abilities

Stragath (lvl. 65 or 90) carries two evil-looking scythes with him as weapons. At first, he doesn't seem to be that effective of a fighter due to his low dexterity and luck, which cause him to miss often. However, he can automatically knock 50 HP off the player each turn (likely due to a curse). He can also zap his enemies with bolts from his eyes (which do Harm aka ? damage).

Stragath's real prowess reveals itself after his body is destroyed, leaving behind his head, the main part of his power. Stragath's head shoots fire bolts (this time Fire element) from his eyes and can also knock into the player for serious Darkness damage. What makes him a real threat is that he can heal himself occasionally, increase his stats, increase his defenses, and increase his damage throughout the battle. As a result, the player gets more and more damaged and tired while Stragath's Head simply rejuvenates whatever health he lost. Stragath's Head is lvl. 120 when the player is lvl. 80 and up, making it very difficult to beat.

In the new quest "Infernal Inferno," Stragath shows up at Lvl. 120 and his head can show up at lvl. 140, making him even harder to beat.


Cursed Zard (CurZard)

Fire Demon



Fiendish Phough

Undead Braken

Undead Wun-Dead


Djinnis (Xarav + Dark Djinni)

Ebil Cupid

Klubber, the Undead Dude

Pzycho Fiend

Undead Horse

Hoof Soldier



Big Red (Huge demon)


Kabroz is Zorbak's brother and an evil moglin necromancer. He made fun of his brother because he is not completely evil. Kabroz is older than Zorbak. He was best man at Zorbak's wedding

Evil Deeds

  • Created Zombies
  • Wanted to enslave the Murbles



Zorbak is an little moglin dark mage that is a powerful "ebil magic user”. He is EBIL, which means that is sometimes good, and sometimes evil, and couldn't be classified in any villain's type, so he needs his own type of villain. He is more powerful than his brother, Kabroz, but doesn't use his 100% villainy mind. He participated in the Simister 7 as a guest. He was married to Mu-Glen at the end of the Wedding Skulls quest.

  • Ebil means or evil, or good but only for him/her/it + self.

Ebil deeds

-Tried to destroy Frostvale several times ;

-Created Frosty ;

-Created Skrow and attacked Seahawke and the player ;

-Created the Ebil Cupid (that like to be called Cupix), and tried to destroy Snugglefest several times ;

-Lied to Galanoth and Zhilo and made them fight, and uses Calladus to attack them ;

-Helped the Mysterious Necromancer;

-Made the mutant Dracolich ;

-Started a war against Uncle Shum ;

-Wanted to make an army of undead Skeeters ;

-Opened an portal and nearly let Stragath escape ;

-Wanted to ebslave the murbles ;

-Helped the Nightmare Queen ;

-Lured the entire world in the Nightmare world ;

Good deeds

-Helped the player in the war against Drakonann ;

-Helped the player to save Obsidia ;

-Helped the player to fight the Leprecacheuns ;

-Learned fire spells to fight undead ;

-Fought in the war against Nightbane and found the Darklaw ;

-Helped in the battle against The Galin ;

-Saved Frostval from the Nightmare Queen ;

-Saved the player from an well ;

The Ebil Empire

1.Sandy Claus(temporary)

2.Frosty the Snow Golem(temporary)



5.Mutant Dracolich

6.An Huge army of Undeads .

7.The EbilZard

8.Khandie Khan(temporary)

9.Nightmare Queen(temporary)

10.Mu Glen(not really evil )

11.The Hero ( not evil at all. But just helps Zorbak a few times so far. )

  • temporary means that in the current stages of the game, they act not under his rule, but helped him once .


Safiria, the Vampire Queen

Safiria is the queen of all vampires and she has no problems adding you to her army. Her biggest nemesis is generally the Were-King; however, she will make a truce with him if greater threats are present. Despite being a vampire queen, she does not always act with evil purposes.

Master of the castle

An Elder Vampire. Owns a castle in Darkovia.


It's a moglin who became a vampire and now works for Safiria.


Thrakus is a vampire who has been sucking the blood of Moglins lately because they put up less of a fight than humans.



Zorbak has always been an ebil little moglin. Even as a wee baby moglin you could find him summoning the undead pets of others to rise and torment their previous owners or wreaking havoc in his village. However he is now causing trouble on a much wider scale. Nothing seems to be able to stop this mad man!



This guy is currently alpha male of the Werewolves, and is fighting a battle with the Vampires in a struggle for dominion over Darkovia, and to get food supplies for his pack. The Were-King's greatest nemesis is Safiria; however, he will make a truce with her if greater threats are present. Like Safiria, the Were-King does not always act with evil purposes.

It was revealed in War For Darkovia that his human name was Constantin.


It's a moglin that has become a werewolf and now works for the Werewolf King.


A magical gate in the shape of a wolf head.


A werewolf captive by the Gattas.



Wolfwing is the leader of the Were-Pyres. He is one of the strongest creatures on LORE, and the father of Nightbane. If one is brave enough to seek him out in western Darkovia, he will offer the power of the Werepyre (with the other option being destruction). Wolfwing is on the side of Unity against The'Galin, and is significantly more peaceful than Safiria or the Were-King. He is the grandfather of Cenara, and he generally leans more toward Good than Evil.



Balius was the son of Wolfwing. He has two children, Cenara and Edward with his former wife, Evina. He's half Were-Prye half Dragon.

Dracovamp Lord

He was once the of a clan of vampires. But now for NightBane!


A dragon that's affected by lycantropy.


Was once working for Safiria like the Dracovamp Lord. Now a servant for NightBane.

Alpha Dracowolf

Was once working for Were-King. Now a servant for NightBane.


Class bosses

Beastmaster class boss: Tyrant King

Tyrant King.png

The Tyrant King, some kind of reptillian/ape hybrid, has ruled over the Dark Lands for ages with an iron fist. He cursed the beastmaster class trainer Vephoma that if he would leaved the Dark Jungle, he would transformed into an monster and eat his brotheren. The Tyrant King haved an weird rule...he made the locals give him bamboo and other jungle resources, but was defeated.

  • He have an strange sign :"IV" . At the Terible Tharg was an sign too "IX" . The reason could be that both rule with an iron fist .The Tyrant King ruled the Dark Lands, and the Tharg ruled the Smoke Mountain .

Pirate class boss:Krakathan


Krakathan was a massive water creature. He has some sirens on his head, that lured ships to him, and then he ate the ships. He lived for years in the sea and an inslnd grew on his back which was hiding an treasure. Captain Rhubard and the player retrieve the treasure and defeats him.

Minor bosses

  • -Ratliver- Is a pirate who cares only about one thing: himself! He'll do whatever it takes, including stabbing a fellow pirate in the back!

  • -Anchorhand- He grew up in Krovesport, and was employed as a human tugboat for a while, before becoming a Pirate and losing his hand to a braken. Big, dumb and mean!

Berseker class boss: Badger Chieftain

Badger Chieftain.png

The Badger clan is a crazy berserker clan that makes from cities huts for them, but destroys all the city and kills it villagers. The Badger Chieftain lead the Badger clan to make huts for them from The City of Willow Creek. The Berserker class trainer Eselgee and the player stopped him and his clan and defeats all the Badger Berserkers and him and save the city of Willow Creek. He use the Nemesis Shield and the Troll club, and wears a Berserker armor.

Necromancer class boss: Sanctus

9B53752A61054E438207C77131B3284B.jpg A high priest of Light who has been driven mad by his unending quest to destroy all sources of dark power in the land. He attacked Obsidian's graveyard with a small army of light creatures, but was defeated .

Paladin class boss:Sylith the lich


Sylith is a great sorceress of darkness whose powerful abilites of necromancy have grown so much as to make her part undead herself. Caught between both worlds, she only grows stronger. Her army of undead wanted to destroy the scrolls of light, that can increase the paladin skills. Before retrieving an scroll, Artix, leader of the paladin order and the player must defeated an undead from her army. Sylith was defeated, among with all her army of undeads.

  • An lich is an necromancer that have died and returned from death. It is like an undead necromancer, that grows stronger, sucking life from creatures .

Dracomancer class boss:Gausicus


Gausicus is an renegade dragonslayer that left the dragonslayer order of Galanoth, and dedicated his life hunting dracomancers. He haved a dragonblade in his hand and wears an Elite Dragonslayer Armor. His hatred make him an stronger opponent than Galanoth himself, leader of the Dragonslayer order(that don't like dragons a lot)! Cyrus, High Khan and leader of the Dracomancer Cult, gived orders to the player to defeat him, so the player defeats Gausicus.

Wizard class boss: Varnak


The Spider Lord Varnak hid in the Ethereal Realm for a very long time, commanding his spiders to do his evil bidding. The Ethereal Realm was so big that he could very easy hide in the "ruins”. It was the greatest challenge for any wizard, but was defeated, among with his army of giant spiders .

Varnak have attributes of a spider. In example, he said to the player that shall put him in a cocoon, and uses his back spider tentacle to escape. It is possible that may be even eat like a spider.

Rogue class boss: Garrott Cutthroat

Garrot Cuthroat.png

The deadly assassin fast as an rogue and with sleath of a ninja, Garrot Cuthroat make chaos in the city of Kroversport. Appeared in the Epic Quest and sayed to the player that they shall meet again, if he completes the training as an rogue. He was wright: Valencia Surehunter, trainer of the rogues and rare item hunter, gave orders to the player to defeat Garrott Cutthroat. The player finished his mission and defeats him.

Knight class boss: Tyranna


Sir Tathlin, elite knight of the Kingdom of Rend, has given the player an special mission: go to Stormfallen, a massive fortress and home of the demon knights, the fearest enemies of the Kingdom of Rend. The player fights some demon knights, but then encounters Tyranna, ruler of Stormfallen and daughter of an greater demon and Sphinx The player defeats Tyranna, and becomes a famous knight.

===Mage class boss: Sila===


Lore's most massive creature

The Terrible Tharg

The Terrible Tharg.jpg The Terrible Tharg killed all fire dragons that were loyal to Akriloth from the Smoke Mountain, and took the rule as "King" of the Smoke Mountain. It was defeated by the player in a tought battle, and the player thinks that he should put "Terrible" in front of his name: The Terrible [player's name].

  • He has a strange sign: "IX", like the Tyrant King has an: "IV”. Maybe both were "Kings”, or maybe both just "crowned" themselves as "kings".

Sea Fiend

File:Sea Fiend.png

The massive Sea Fiend used to be a water elf and Aquella's brother. In his search for power the Elemental Lord of Water gave him power, so much, in fact, that the poor Water Elf (or the evil water Elf), transformed into the Sea Fiend. Aquella then asked him to attack Lolosia, the former territory of the water Elves, but only to scare the current residents. But that proved to be a big mistake. The Sea Fiend attacked and injured the people, and destroyed Lolosia.

Aquella tried to get him to stop, but the Sea Fiend refused. He spawned the Sea Squirts, and they call him "daddy". He made so many Sea Squirts, that they served as the Sea Fiend's Army. Aquella had later vanished. So Captain Florgar, Captain Rhubard, Vince the Drakel and Mercuria the Fire Mage are forced to destroy the Sea Fiend's minions themselves. They managed to defeat the minions, and then went to take on the Sea Fiend. Aquella reappeared to join the player, and together they defeated the Sea Fiend. Aquella then asked him why he attacked Lolosia and destroyed it. The Sea Fiend was then defeated a 2nd time, after Aquella and the player take the Water orb.

The Devourer

Main article: The'Galin

The God of Uncreation, given power by the goddess Lorithia. He is the tester of worlds roaming the universe while checking for division and chaos. Should he determine that a world is too chaotic, he will uncreate the inhabitants so that the world can begin anew. While the main plot of Adventure Quest alluded to his approach since the games inception, his arrival did not take center stage until mid 2007 (Terra Time), when his agents began to appear.

The Network

Main article: The Network

The Network is the Devourer's army formed by the most dangerous and allien creatures some from other planets some from lore.

Agent Smith

He is from Terra, but very powerful, and was the fourth agent meeted (first was Elpheel, second was Nightbane, third was the Predecessor).


98323F037E534B2CB7DEE6AC66531A1A.jpg STATUS: Dead

The first agent meeted. He was a mage, but sacrificed his humanity in order to get immortality and power. He managed to convert many to the side of Uncreation and Destruction. An example being Nightbane, the same example being his death when Nightbane was converted to the side of Unity.

Ryuusei Cartwright

A vesperian in service of the Network and hates following orders. He is the general of the Network when his predecessor Diviara was converted to the side of Unity following Giliara's death. He uses diverse tactics that Louis Zephyr and The'Galin don't consider them necessary. An example being to use Nightbane's son against him or use Diviara's son to make him follow their orders.

Louis M. Zephyr

The messager of the Devourer and his right hand. He is highter ranked than Ryuusei Cartwright .

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