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The Secret
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They say that this area is where Wolfwing the Werepyre can be founf. Do you dare seek him out to discover the secrets to combining the powers of both Vampires and Lycans?
—Travel Map description

Werepyre Hideout, also known as The Secret, is a former Guardian-only quest in which the player may become a Werepyre, or battle Wolfwing, leader of the Werepyres. Located in Darkovia Forest, the player will encounter two battles before finally reaching the lone Werepyre.

Upon meeting, they are given the above-mentioned options. If the player decides to become a Werepyre, he or she will be bitten and then given the option to buy the Werepyre Armor, and may battle Wolfwing anyway.


Chico: Uhhh... hehehe. It looks like we found the secret of western Darkovia. It looks pretty dark inside there, so I think I'll just be leaving now.
You: Now come on Chico. I thought you were a brave little Moglin. You've come with me this far, why not keep going all the way?
Chico: Well, I've got a bunch of reasons, but the biggest one is that THIS PLACE SCARES THE FLUB OUTTA ME!

Chico moves closer to you.

You: Hey hey hey....don't worry, I'm here to protect you.
Chico: R--r-really? Well, okay then. Um...I guess it's better I stay with you than try to get back home by myself.
You: Now that's a good little Moglin....

A shadow approaches you.

Chico: Aaahh!! Something's coming!

Level 0-25: Blecch (1)
Level 26-49: Moglin Freak (25)
Level 50+: MechaZombie

Shadow appears again.

Chico: Aaahh!! Again! Something ELSE is coming!

Level 0-25: Sickly Zombie
Level 26-49: Evil Eye
Level 50+: Lesser Droag

Shadow appears once again.

Chico: Oh man, I don't think I can take this anymore!
You: Wait! I have an idea!

You fall to the ground.

Chico: What the fizzle wizzle are you doing??!!
You: Trust me! Play dead, Chico!!
Chico: Well, okay... its either that or be a snack for that Terrible Glicthgug that's coming this way...

Chico falls to the ground. The shadow then leaves and You and Chico get back up.

Chico: Phew!! That was a good idea!!
You: Okay, we'd better get inside before more nasty freaks spots us!

You enter the building.

Chico: Now what? Hmmm… this place doesn't smell so good.
You: I don't smell anything but rot and decay. You should be used to it by now, living on the edge of Darkovia.

Wolfwing appears.

Chico: GAAAHHH!!

Chico jumps out of the screen.

You: So, are you going to say something, or just there and look ugly? Make your move!
Wolfwing: YOU--- are not the first who has found my keep of solitude, from where I watch over all the fools who think they have power. They do not know true power!
Wolfwing: I am master of the night! Lord of twilight! Guardian of the moon! I am WOLFWING, master of all Werepyres!
You: You are, are you? You sound like you're applying for a job...
Wolfwing: YOU DARE MOCK ME??!!

Wolfwing attacks you.

You: Okay, you have my attention...
Wolfwing: You were brave enough to find me, so I will offer you a choice. If you already either a vampire or werewolf, I can give you a greater gift...
Wolfwing: --I can make you a WEREPYRE! You will have command over the powers of both vampires and werewolves! But you will not be welcome by either side.
You: So what is my other option?
Wolfwing: I will eat you... and your little Moglin Chico too!
You: Hmmm... such a hard decision to make.
Wolfwing: CHOOSE.... NOW!!!!

A Dangerous Choice....
Becoming a Werepyre will give you the full powers of both Vampires and Werewolf armours. However, it comes at a high price... you will become a complete outcast and be rejected by Humans, Werewolves and Vampires. What will you do?

  • Become a WerePyre!
  • Battle WolfWing (Level 400)

If you are neither Werewolf nor Vampire, you will instead get...
1 BATTLE: Wolfwing

Wolfwing: Very well... prepare yourself human. My curse shall now become yours.

The screen turns black.

Wolfwing: Impressive.... my bite would have instantly killed any other human. How is it possible you survived?
Wolfwing: That matters little... You are now a Werepyre! The darkness courses through your veins. I wish you well with your gift... and curse... Hahahahahaha!

  • Leave
  • Challenge WolfWing (Level 400)

Wolfwing disappears, Chico appears, Werepyre becomes available.

«Werepyre Shop» opens.

Wolfwing: So be it! Prepare for oblivion!!!

1 BATTLE: Wolfwing
You: Great Elemental Lords!! I can't believe I actually beat that guy! I am truly l33t!


Chico: Is it safe to come out now??

You return to Darkovia's map.



Werepyre Armor


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