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Wind is one of the 8 primary elements of LORE, it is governed by the Wind Lord. Wind's opposing element is Earth.

Wind monsters tend to hit hard and have high to very high combat defenses. They have often been the toughest monsters in all of AdventureQuest and, until Cyclone Wyvern Rider was released, there was no non-rare post-sweep wind armour to be used against wind monsters. Alternatives, such as Boreal Bolt Plate or Stiltwalker can be used but their attacks are too weak. Wind monsters can be tough because earth weapons are uncommon and, for adventurers, they have to use their no-drop weapons, which have a power level 20 levels lower than their character level.

Fortunately, wind monsters are uncommon compared to Earth or Darkness monsters, and, although some use Mana Points (MP) for spells or special attacks, they are usually not much stronger than their normal attacks, but some of these monster carry the effects Buffet or Choke with their spells. Wind monsters usually attack with only one element, so a person might not have to carry compression armors for these monsters.

Wind weapons can be very useful for players. With the abundance of earth monsters and with the effects their weapon specials have, these items have the potential to replace Light weapons for a utility weapon and become a person's most useful item, as Wind and Darkness are poorly-related elements, meaning that they will have at least 110% elemental resistances at each other's elements under normal circumstances. Another reason they can replace light weapons is the abundance of earth, darkness, and fire monsters weak to wind attacks. Wind attacks, most notably wind spells, can inflict the status effects mentioned above which can easily give the player the advantage in a battle.

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