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The risks are great, but the reward is greater.
—Jackel Sano

Wizard Class is a Class quest to become a Wizard, available through Warlic, who also gives access to the Mage Class quest. Its trainer is Jackel Sano.


There is a place between the real and the un-real; where what is true is often false in our world, where the power of magic reigns supreme. This place is called the Ethereal Realm. Mages tap into the magic in our world, but the truly powerful magic users, the Wizards and their kin, know how to tame the magic of this hidden realm...

Jackel Sano: I see you have followed me to my small corner of the Ethereal Realm. You look a bit disoriented, though. Fear not, I will help you. First, buy yourself a nice Wizard's Robe in my shop.

  • Quest!
  • Tell me about this crazy place!
Jackel Sano: The Ethereal Realm is not a different world or country, but is instead a dimension of pure magic, built over the millenia by the mystical beings of Lore.
Jackel Sano: Most lesser magic users are only able to tap into the magic powers of the world, but true wizards have learned to use the great forces of the Ethereal Realm.
Jackel Sano: Here, all magical knowledge is maintained. But much of it is secret, located where long-dead wizards chose to hide it.
Jackel Sano: Every magic user who wishes to become a wizard must first find Kenns. Kenns are invisible talismans that give a wizard knowledge of the Ethereal Realm's mightiest known abilities.
Jackel Sano: Kenns are held by many different magical creatures, which must be defeated before you can claim them as your own.
  • Wizard Shop - Opens shop. See below.
Jackel Sano: Come back often to look for special magical items.
  • Back to Town


Level 0

Jackel Sano: If you are ready for the challenge, then know this: The risks are great, but the reward is greater. To begin, you must be able to hold open a portal into the Ethereal Realm by yourself.
Jackel Sano: To do this, you need to defeat a Prime Sentinel. His death energies will give you the powers you seek. There is a sentinel named BuumDang near my house on the cliff.

  • Begin Wizard training!
  • Back

Ethereal Realm!
You have chosen to undertake the mission that Jackel Sano has given. In return, you will learn the ways of the Wizard. First you must face a Sentinel. Defeat him, and you will be able to maintain an open portal to the Ethereal Realm, one of the first things a Wizard must be capable of!

Full heal
Mental Focus
Do you have the mental prowess to outsmart the simple guards and confront the Sentinel known as BuumDang directly?
Difficulty: 46
Stat Used: Intelligence

«If you lose, then you do another battle and try the roll again.»

«If you win the Roll

1 BATTLE: BuumDang (40)

Jackel Sano: BuumDang is beaten, and you now have power enough to enter this realm on your own. Now you must begin your quest to obtain the Kenns of Wizardry.
Jackel Sano: You are now a Wizard!

Levels 1-9

Jackel Sano: You need to defeat each holder of a Kenn that you encounter to become stronger. As a Level «Your level» Wizard, I know you can do this!

  • Gather the Wizard Kenns!
  • Turn down the Quest...

Quest Accepted!
You have chosen to quest for your Kenns! You are a level «Your level» Wizard. Finding the next Kenn will increase your class level to «Your level+1». You can rest and regain mana up to two times.

Optional Full Heal*
Optional Full Heal*
Optional Full Heal*
Optional Full Heal*

* You can heal after each battle up to a maximum of two times.

Where is the Kenn?
Use your intuition to weed out the creature that possesses the Kenn you are after!
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Difficulty 45 50 55 60 60 65 70 75 80
Stat Used: Intelligence

«If you lose:»
Wizard Kenn Lost!
You have failed to obtain the Wizard Kenn! You must keep trying in order to gather all the Kenns, and learn the secrets of the Wizard!

«If you win

1 BATTLE {Boss}
Full Heal

The Kenn is yours!
You have defeated the holder of the Kenn, and now you possess its power!

Class Level Up!
You have earned the next level as a Wizard and gained a new special ability from your Kenn!

Level 10 (Guardian Only

Jackel Sano: You have succeeded where many have failed! You now possess all of the Kenns. But there is one last challenge for you to face.
Jackel Sano: A dreaded enemy of all that is good has taken refuge here for a long time. He is the Spider Lord Varnak. He hides here and controls the evil spider beasts of Lore. Will you face him?

  • Stop the Spider Lord!
  • Wizard Class Shop
  • Restore Wizard Class
  • Back to Town

Jackel Sano: Thank you for taking on this dangerous foe. I have lured the Spider King to my home on the cliff—good luck!

«Scene: Cliff.»

«You»: Spider Lord, I have come to meet you in one-on-one combat! Your reign of terror is at an end.

2 BATTLES: Giant Spider Minion (80)
Full Heal
1 BATTLE: Giant Kresh Henchspider (80)
Full Heal

Varnak: Noooo!! You have muuurrrrderred my spider-kin! For that, I shall cocoon you in my web, and feed on your desiccated corpse for a thousand years!

1 BATTLE: Varnak (85)

Jackel Sano: I can barely believe it, but you have survived...and better yet, defeated the Spider King. You have made the world a safer place—WIZARD!


* Boss Name List: Appendix - Bolly-Boll - Brucht - Chlugg - Crah Haru - Deogoll - Dongel - Fleek T'fu - F'pih Yri'ju - Ireu - Klargel - Lizzarus - Lobu - Navirra - Niftor - Nogg - Ogoyen - Pfthlip - Pusby - Queee - Sheettzu - Thrang - Toko - Treds - Vicher Chwa - Vula - Xirxes - Zhazha - Zurg - Zwerhee


No longer appliable:


  • The Stat Roll difficulties used to be as follows:
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Difficulty 65 20 45 55 55 60 65 65 70
  • The player may fight a Level (37 +4*CurrentClassLevel) to Level (39 + 4*CurrentClassLevel) Boss monster. Random monsters are determined similarly: the player may fight a level (32 + 4*CurrentClassLevel) to level (36 + 4*CurrentClassLevel) monster.

Wizard Shop


Fusion Staff
AutumnDawn Staff
Staff of Thorns


Generalist's Robe
Pyromancer's Robe
Hydromancer's Robe
Aeromancer's Robe
Cryomancer's Robe
Geomancer's Robe
Dynamancer's Robe
Lumenomancer's Robe
Tenebromancer's Robe


  • This quest was released on October 20, 2005.

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