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Race: Silari
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The'Galin
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Unknown
I know your very soul. Your loyalty to me is beyond any doubt. Concern yourself only with what you know to be right. Continue seeking the signs
—The'Galin, A Network Divided

Xilar is a Silari, the first Communicant of The'Galin and the creator of the process known as the "Legacy of Xilar", which separates the races and makes them wage war among themselves and beyond, using lies and tricks.

Apperance and personality

You may have caused our ancient ancestors to act dishonorably, Lord, but you have served with willingness for a millennium since and always acted in good faith and kindness."
"That does not make me a lord, nor does it excuse my actions.
—A Brilhado Guard and Xilar, Beneath the Shifting Sands

As a Silari, he possessed horns and fur, besides the green reptilian scales of all Silari. Both his white hair and his tired, green eyes made evident his old age. He dressed humbly, his attire consisting of a simple brown robe, and sported several bandages: two on his tail, and one on his arm (A Network Divided). In the past, when he became The'Galin's communicant, the god replaced the simple, but damaged robe he had been wearing with a deep crimson purple one with a golden trim.[1]

As a youth, Xilar was nervous and reserved, never able to ask why the rest of his people felt such malice towards him. Despite the abuse he had to endure, he merely wondered if he truly deserved that kind of punishment, and never acted against it. He longed for acceptance, showing eagerness to join a Temple and to prove himself before others.[2]

Over the years, he became wiser and humbler. In fact, upon realizing what wrong he had to the worlds through his legacy, Xilar became ashamed of himself. He now understands The'Galin's goals and wishes for no make to make the same mistakes he did. He also thinks highly of Galrick in this aspect, considering him to have done much to repair and carry his legacy, more than Ryuusei Cartwright would ever do (A Network Divided). The'Galin, and many in his service, considered Xilar's loyalty to him to be unquestionable, holding the Silari in high regard (A Network Divided).


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Xilar, son of Xilan, was born in a Ne'eld located near the Skraeling Wastes, Battleonia. Deemed a Kruath*Possibly, akin to "Non-citizen" in the Drakel/Silari language, he was an outcast, always rejected and mocked, who suffered much verbal and physical abuse, which persisted well until adulthood. Instead of turning to anger, he decided to devote himself to the study of temple magic, join a Temple and become a communicant, but he was rejected by all of them, for they were affected by the same corruption that had infested Tjeli not too long before.[3]

The god's dark intentions

We have long waited your arrival here... we had known you would come..."
"Who. Who... are you....?"
"I am the Consort of Creation. I am The'Galin, truth bringer, and I have come to change the world.
—The'Galin introduces himself to Xilar, Confrontation

Weary of the abuse, he fled the city into the wilderness and came to a cove, where The'Galin spoke to his very soul, saying he had been waiting for him for a long time, and requested his services with a warning that his actions would bring the extinction of his people, the Silari, and even the Drakel. Xilar refused, saying he would not betray his people, and The'Galin accepted his decision, but added that it was pity that they would not treat him with the same courtesy as he did, planting a seed of doubt in his Xilar's thoughts. He then fled from The'Galin into his Ne'eld, planning to leave the mainland through Lolosia, when a band of young thugs who were part of a local gang appeared before him. Xilar, however, defended himself by casting several Fire spells in succession, killing one of his attackers in the process.

One of the guards happened by at that very moment, and instead of justice and mercy, The'Galin's prediction was fulfilled—Xilar was betrayed by his people. The thugs dealt him a fatal blow and left Xilar for dead. As he reminisced about his miserable life, The'Galin appeared before him, offering to heal his injuries, but Xilar once again refused. Finally, Leiax appeared and mocked him and, in spite Xilar's plea for help, proceeded to kick him in the ribs and to walk away. Only then, Xilar finally accepted The'Galin's offer, vowing to have his revenge and to serve his new master. He, in exchange, gave the Silari his first command—to go to the field and complete his transformation, doing what he felt led to do. He obeyed and gave into his rage to kill a Moglin, who had been having a picnic at the edge of the field, and the Devourer 'thought him ready.'

Bringer of division

Are you saying you hope to fail, Lord?"
"It is my heart's deepest wish Xilar. It is only by failure that I shall know I have succeeded.
—Xilar and The'Galin, Confrontation

For some time, he travelled from city to city preaching a message that said that the people of his city were planning to invade the other cities, that this plan was hatched by the temples in order to ensure the supremacy of their element, and said that the gods were at war. Few people thought his message to be true, but The'Galin was unconcerned, as the seed of doubt would grow in time.

Having helped create wars on Lore, Xilar went to the Ethereal Realm some time later, where he sought to convince the Brilhado of Aloria with his message. Playing with their concern about the safety of the people, he lied to those who were surrounding him that not only the Elemental Lords but the Lady of Creation herself had ignored their concerns, and told them that war would reach them eventually. Some Brilhado, who knew of the wars from Lore, nodded and acknowledged his claims. Xilar, then, recommended them to seek aid from the Darkness Lord. He, then, departed and waited several days. When he got back, they had approached the Dark god, who reproached them for their disloyalty to the Light Lord and their fear of humanity.

When he returned, the convinced the winged demons to raise and army of undead, with their forbidden art of Necromancy, and to raise those who doubted and who feared to serve as their soldiers, so they would not be undivided. The Brilhado did not actively dissent and Xilar knew he had already won. After a while, the Brilhado attacked the Temple of Darkness, and the Crier of the city repeated the message that the temples were at war with each other. And then, Xilar ordered the Brilhado to send the Undead to attack other temples to make it appear as if the Temple of Darkness has sent the army.

He reported his success, then, to his lord, but The'Galin was saddened. However, Xilar did not understood him and his heart's deepest desire: to fail.

A shameful legacy

I acted wrongly. Turning brother against brother, enslaving the dissident. I acted wrongly.
—Xilar to The'Galin, Confrontation

Much of his life from this point onwards is unknown, except that he, since the fall of the Brilhado, Xilar realized how loathsome was the process that he had created, and that only after several hundreds of years and many worlds, The'Galin spoke of his bitterness towards Xilar's interpretation.

By that time, the Silari had come to understand what the goal was when his lord had sought him, and came to be ashamed of his actions. During that conversation, as well, The'Galin told him that he was interested to raise a Brilhado family, the Celegras, to the level of generalship, especially the older brother.

Betraying Omega

To that end, Doctor... I have refused to follow Omega. I have assigned the Silari to defend and protect Battleonia and the rest of Lore. Skraeling is our ancestral homeland and..."
"Your actions are beyond repute. You need not defend yourself or you decisions. Your loyalty is unquestioned.
—Xilar and Louis Zephyr, A Network Divided

Following the incursion of the Network into Lore, Xilar returned to his homeworld and, following Ryuusei Cartwright's actions in Paxia, he observed from afar the Ne'eld he had belonged to in his youth, and spoke to a Brilhado Guard. Decided to confront Cartwright for his actions, he left the place.

During the Battle of Augerthorne, he prompted his people to abandon the battle as Cartwright and Smith's actions were seen by him as invalid and a violation of the Master's will. Telling Smith to warn Cartwight to be careful, and that he might obtain what he seeks, he left the scene with the Silari.

Some time later, Xilar overheard Cartwright's intentions of invoking a god war between Lore and Caelestia to disable Falerin Ardendor's actions on the former, and, infuriated, told Cartwright everything he considered him to be: a xenophobic racist, a very evil man and was more ashamed of having his own name associated with his efforts, and that Galrick had done more to repair and carry his legacy that he would ever will.

But Cartwright was not swayed. Infuriated, Xilar told him that he would order the Silari to abandon Omega's armies. Giving a him last warning, Xilar left him alone with Smith.

Afterwards, Xilar assigned the Silari to defend and protect Battleonia and the rest of Lore and sought Louis Zephyr, or "Ojo", through an Orb of Communication to tell him Cartwright's refusal to carry his orders out. However, Zephyr already knew of his duplicity, but said that they would be formulating a plan for dealing with it or letting Lorians do it themselves. Despite this, he felt badly for refusing to follow Omega. Nevertheless, both Zephyr and The'Galin himself through communicancy told him that his loyalty was unquestioned. His lord, then, told him to continue seeking the Signs of Unity, which Xilar promptly accepted.

In the Crossover.....

Powers and abilities

He possess the gift of communicancy. Having learned from his studies about Temple magic, he learned, at least, Fire magic.


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  • It was mid-summer when he was first approached by The'Galin.
  • Xilar is over a millennia old.


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